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  1. 2019 world cup format
  2. Review your WC team
  3. Australian cricketer fails drugs test - World Cup result now in question
  4. Did Australia choke?
  5. Shocking snub of ICC President
  6. World Cup XI
  7. Black Caps marks out of 10 for WC
  8. Did New Zealand Choke?
  9. Ok, so seriously, how was this WC overall?
  10. Congratulations to Australia - Cricket World Cup Champions 2015
  11. Closing ceremony
  12. England weren't that bad.
  13. CWC Final 2015 Avatar Bets
  14. Images of the World Cup.
  15. Did South Africa choke?
  16. All time Non WC winners XI
  17. Mills must play
  18. New Rain Interrupted Idea
  19. Final - New Zealand v Australia (29th March)
  20. Non-striker backing up
  21. Cricket won on the day
  22. The Future Umpiring on Cricket Game
  23. What Poster Would You Choose from the Eliminated Teams?
  24. 1st Semi Final - The Preview by BackFootPunch
  25. What player would the semi-finalists choose from the eliminated teams?
  26. Where now for the Associates?
  27. Flawed 6 distance calculator
  28. Crap Fielding thread
  29. Best spell of the tournament
  30. Guptill double ton mauls Indies as Kiwis move to semis
  31. 1st Semi Final - New Zealand v South Africa (24th March)
  32. 2nd Semi Final - Australia v India (26th March)
  33. MOTS contenders
  34. Crap bowling spells thread
  35. World Cup Cricket Dashboard 2015 in Excel
  36. Should the seedings be done by the previous World Cup?
  37. 3rd place play-off
  38. Who are English fans rooting for?
  39. If India wins this WC...
  40. 4th Quarter Final - New Zealand v West Indies (21st March)
  41. 3rd Quarter Final - Australia v Pakistan (20th March)
  42. 2nd Quarter Final - India v Bangladesh (19th March)
  43. 1st Quarter Final - South Africa v Sri Lanka (18th March)
  44. I am sorry
  45. Krishna Karate?
  46. Post Group Stage Predictions
  47. Cummins or Hazlewood?
  48. Best World Cup Coverage
  49. The Best Team from the Group Stage
  50. World XI team
  51. The joys of non-cricketers doing cricket marketing
  52. 42nd Match - Ireland v Pakistan (15th March)
  53. 41st Match - United Arab Emirates v West Indies (15th March)
  54. is this the reason why we sa has struggled so at world cups in the past ??
  55. Brendon Taylor first world cup Kolpak to sign for County cricket,Who's next.
  56. 40th Match - Australia v Scotland (14th March)
  57. 39th Match - India v Zimbabwe (14th March)
  58. Historical head-to-head anomalies in ODIs
  59. What Michael Vaughan said about England's chances for 2015 IN 2011
  60. Each nation's best & worst World Cup teams
  61. Best team not to win the World Cup
  62. 38th Match - Afghanistan v England (13th March)
  63. 37th Match - New Zealand v Bangladesh (13th March)
  64. Case against Rubel to be dropped because of world cup win :blink:
  65. ICC - Ruining Everything Since Forever
  66. Bat like Ian Bell in 10 steps
  67. 36th Match - South Africa v United Arab Emirates (12th March)
  68. Peaking at the right time
  69. Moving forward what type of side should England pick in ODI cricket?
  70. ATTN: zorax
  71. Would love a NZ or SA world cup win
  72. adam milne- who should NZ replace him with?
  73. 35th Match - Scotland v Sri Lanka (11th March)
  74. Call me racist or whatever ...
  75. 34th Match - India v Ireland (10th March)
  76. Eden Park Haterz - Where are those 400 plays 350 affairs on a postal stamp now?
  77. Nightmare tournament-ending injuries for each WC side
  78. 33rd Match - England v Bangladesh (9th March)
  79. Dwayne Smith
  80. 32nd Match - Australia v Sri Lanka (8th March 2015)
  81. 31st Match - New Zealand v Afghanistan (8th March 2015)
  82. Smokin' Joe
  83. 30th Match - Ireland v ZImbabwe (7th March 2015)
  84. 29th Match - Pakistan v South Africa (7th March 2015)
  85. Which World Cup players will end their International careers to be a Kolpak?
  86. World Cup cap
  87. Death Bowling
  88. 28th Match - India v West Indies (6th March 2015)
  89. 27th Match - Bangladesh v Scotland
  90. Why are there no games?
  91. Team Changes
  92. Where are all dem haterz now?
  93. 26th Match - Australia v Afghanistan
  94. 25th Match - Pakistan v United Arab Emirates
  95. World cup speed stats?
  96. Likely quarter final match ups
  97. 24th Match - Ireland v South Africa
  98. World Cup 2015 Images
  99. Any updates on McCullum's arm?
  100. Heef Channels the Likely Lads (aka NZ vs. Aus replay)
  101. AB de Villiers
  102. Brenden McCullum Appreciation Post
  103. New records made in this world cup
  104. Better host: Australia or New Zealand?
  105. 23rd Match - Pakistan v Zimbabwe
  106. 22nd Match - England v Sri Lanka
  107. 21st Match - India v United Arab Emirates
  108. 19th Match - South Africa v West Indies
  109. Chances of a 12 team tournament in 2019?
  110. Younis Khan Retires from ODIs...Kinda
  111. Are UAE players citizens?
  112. Group finishing order and Quater finals matchup predictions
  113. 18th Match - Bangladesh v Sri Lanka
  114. The experience of being at the India v South Africa WC match at the MCG
  115. 17th Match - Afghanistan v Scotland
  116. Men or Mice
  117. WC Useless XI
  118. 20th Match - New Zealand v Australia
  119. Under performing XI
  120. 16th Match - Ireland v United Arab Emirates
  121. 15th Match - West Indies v Zimbabwe
  122. 14th Match - England v Scotland
  123. Fear Mongering?
  124. First week thoughts
  125. Best Ever Bowling in a WC Game
  126. Associate Performances Analysis
  127. 13th Match - India v South Africa
  128. 12th Match - Afghanistan v Sri Lanka
  129. 11th Match - Australia v Bangladesh
  130. 10th Match - Pakistan v West Indies
  131. Mods Please add a poll in WC matches
  132. 9th Match - New Zealand v England
  133. Who's going home without a win?
  134. The Return of the Duck – A Contrast in Fortunes
  135. 8th Match - United Arab Emirates v Zimbabwe
  136. Fireworks Ad
  137. What Avatar shall I Choose for Agent Nationaux?
  138. India Vs. Pak World Cup History
  139. George Dockrell - How good is he?
  140. Crap Innings thread
  141. Ireland Fans Society
  142. 7th Match - Afghanistan v Bangladesh
  143. World Cup Theme Song
  144. Umpiring Thread
  145. 6th Match - New Zealand v Scotland
  146. Cricket Web’s World Cup 2015 Preview
  147. Uae
  148. 4th Match - India v Pakistan
  149. 3rd Match - South Africa v Zimbabwe
  150. No transfer fantasy competition
  151. Quarter final venues and schedule
  152. What Happened Next?
  153. Opening Ceremonies
  154. Each Team's Weaknesses
  155. Who will play their last ODI during the WC?
  156. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 - India's Schedule
  157. 5th Match - Ireland v West Indies
  158. 2nd Match - Australia v England
  159. 1st Match - New Zealand v Sri Lanka
  160. Who should bat at Seven for South Africa?
  161. ICC World Cup: Ticket-holders for India-Pak game may not turn up
  162. starting x11's
  163. Betting
  164. First two games of the World Cup
  165. Barbarians XI (players not in the World Cup)
  166. Warm ups for World Cup
  167. Does anyone want to join my Cricket World Cup Fantasy League?
  168. Paid photography/video project for the Cricket World Cup - No experience necessary
  169. ODI World XI
  170. Now or never for Kiwis
  171. Will the warm up games be televised?
  172. Ireland Thread
  173. Cricket Web Predictions and Fantasy Cricket Leagues
  174. World Cup Predictions Thread
  175. Avatar bets
  176. Zimbabwe thread
  177. Which Associate player will stand and deliver.
  178. Get Fired Up
  179. 300
  180. World Cup Transfer Game
  181. Best Cameo Performance in lost WC game
  182. Word Cup Medals Tally
  183. With the change of the 2019 W Cup is this the last we will ever see the minnows play.
  184. ICC Greatest World Cup XI selector
  185. 2015 World Cup compared to other World Cups
  186. Will Pakistan win their first ever WC match against India?
  187. Minnows upsets against Test countries.
  188. Pakistan Thread
  189. Proteas Thread
  190. Do you think your 2015 team is better than your 2011 team?
  191. Will SA win their first ever 50 over WC knockout game this time?
  192. Great Moments in World Cup History
  193. India WC Thread
  194. General World Cup Predictions thread
  195. Your 4 Semi-Finalists?
  196. West Indies Squad
  197. What role can Munro play in the starting XI
  198. Should Clarke play in the WC
  199. Bangladesh Thread
  200. Mohammad Irfan
  201. Sri Lanka Thread
  202. Australia's squad
  203. England thread
  204. Your New Zealand World Cup Squad if selected today...
  205. ***Official*** Road to the 2015 Cricket World Cup