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  • Cheers man, appreciate it.
    I have a masters in biomedical science specialising in biochemistry and immunology, and now I'm just finishing up a clinical masters in nursing science.
    Ooof, yeah they're the worst with getting things done. Have you got your provisional registration underway at all? Mine took 6ish weeks, from memory, after I got it all sent off to them.

    Then you'll have to get a salary assessment sorted before you get paid properly, but should get a pretty sweet lump sum of back pay once it's done.
    Hey man, a while back you mentioned you were a WC3 fan. Not sure if you follow these guys but they basically cover the WC3 esports events. There's quite a bit of stuff still going on.

    Tried to post a link but it wouldnt let me. Search for Back2Warcraft on youtube.
    An endearing mix of rustic, run down scruff and upper middle class gloss with a dash of the weirdness usually reserved for movies that only ever air at 3am on a Tuesday night.
    i made the mistake of looking up one hit wonders so i'd like you to know about all the things she said, all the things she said running through my head running through my head running through my head

    enjoy that on loop for the next 30 hours
    haha it's so fitting he posts on that forum though. i haven't read much of that place but from what i have it's just a dick waving contest between dickheads.
    Hmm, delusion isn't the usual pattern. You sure you're a bass player?

    Oh yeah, get this, randomly checked the Colourphonics band email after, like, 8 months and discovered someone deep in the wilds of Norway (near Trondheim) who ordered the latest album in April! Many apologies later, he's still keen so I sent him a couple of copies for him and all his friends. Confirmed that noone back in Oz is monitoring the email.... Our PayPal $'s from album sales now in double figures. Yusssss.
    Hey buddy - come back to CricSim, sign up to the Rugby Simulator and let's talk **** about Kiwi music that no other **** cares about.

    We could really use a half back. That would be ideal. Registrations are here: cricsim.com/showthread.php?10734-Seasonal-Rugby-Registrations-Thread-New-Players-Sign-Up-Here
    Contracts are here: cricsim.com/showthread.php?46470-Seasonal-Rugby-Season-6-Contracts

    Sign with the Immortals, you know you want to. :p
    Hi Albi & Phlegm,

    The VPN charity I've sought from Cribbage has now been given to me. Because he pays $90 a year for his VPN service, I decided he's going to be allowed to slot in and watch his beloved Michael Papps and CD Stags in 2015/16, which means that come November one of you two will have to vacate my aunty's SkyGo account. Unless of course we can source one more old person and open up three new slots.

    The onus is probably on Phlegm, because we know his parents have Sky, and he could maybe mooch off their account now he's not pretending to be "diligently studying hard with no distractions". Anyway, no worries until November.
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