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Non-striker backing up


International Captain
The way the non-striker can get a gigantic head start is too ****ed. It really annoyed me watching the byes just now and it really annoys me when the batting side gets an easy two down the ground because the non-striker is halfway down the pitch by the time the ball is struck.

Easy solution; the third umpire checks the bowling crease on each delivery. As well as checking for the bowling no-ball there can be a batting penalty of one run if the batsman breaks. Would also solve stupid ****ing no-ball issue. Means that you can't hear the no-ball call and then react with ball in flight but who gives a **** that doesn't happen anyway. /rant


U19 12th Man
Meh. It is a risk anyway to still not return to your crease at the non-striker's end. If they are run out because of that then that is their fault.
Of course we all know about England in 99. If Klusener is to blame for the run out, then what about Donald not backing up the ball before? Did that cause Klusener to go for a run he never should have?
Anyway, that's cricket in the end imo.


Cricketer Of The Year
Well I for one have no sympathy when the ball gets driven down the ground and the bowler deflects it onto the stumps leaving some dickhead batsman trying to get a head start stranded


International Coach
I think they should modify those lighted bails to jump off their perch by activating a circuit that detects when the non-striker has moved out of his crease before the bowler's passed it.


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I think all us Indians here are multis. Should just all post in the same style, like each others' posts in our own one person circle jerk and have similar avatars