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1st Semi Final - New Zealand v South Africa (24th March)

Who will win this match?

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State Vice-Captain
That team has a few question marks at this stage for someone who doesn't follow any domestic cricket in Nzl. Elliott, McCullum (s) and Vettori will all be gone by 2019. And is there a spinner in that XI?


International Debutant
Well it has taken me four days to read the thread from the beginning. 86 pages! I expected most of the world cup games to be like this one and surprised they have been so one-sided.

This has been the best game that I can remember seeing for years. It had everything in it. Don't think the final will be as good. Actually this match felt like a final.

The commentary on this thread has been great even though I knew the outcome, just reading everyone's responses I could feel the excitement all over again. Good luck to Captain Fantastic and his team for the final.

CW posters do the best match threads ever.

Shady Slim

International Coach
my thought is that the selectors though neither abbott nor philander had a chance of dismissing someone such as bmac or KW on one of their good days so they went with the option that they thought was more economical as a career bowler and not on form