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  • don't take it you cover the spectrum of motor dealer law by chance?
    As for the encumbrance threat, I have no idea as to the validity of that one.

    My gut feeling is he's badgered it on his end and done himself no favours and tried to bluff me, thinking I wouldn't know any better. Just thought I'd give a shout to greater power and get some thoughts if you have any.

    Ta Burgmeister!
    Mate I wouldn't worry about it unless he takes the next step. You're sort of in the position where the only proactive thing you can really do would involve surrendering the car or paying him a ****load more dough. Why would you do that? Do you have any idea how much the encumbrance was on the old car?

    Makes me warm and fuzzy thinking a second hand car dealer might be getting it in the neck lol
    Yeah for sure not giving the guy jack all. No idea on the encumbrance amount, called the finance company and they told me I can't get info unless I have an account with them.

    The bloke was a jerk, had all the charm of and even looked like Dennis Ferguson. Limited sympathies. Thanks Mate.
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    Cheers mate, yeh, thankfully I have secure work. Just hanging to get out and see some live music/sport and eat at a restaurant again!
    Hey Burgey, I appreciated you message a few months ago a lot.

    Just so you know, your ph number is still on my wall. I don't know how to delete it. You want me to ask one of the mods to remove it if you don't know how to?
    Pls provide your opinion on Imran Khan's racist comments in the Indian Pol thread
    Thanks man, you're one of the good guys.

    Maybe I'll just give it a month or two, see how I feel.

    I'm all good, I appreciate your message heaps.
    I've seen him around a bit and he is certainly a ****, looks like he hangs in TPF forum which I rarely venture into. Bait him out of there and I'll certainly have a crack though!
    Btw, I sent you a friend request on FB the other day, but realised you probably had nfi who it was.....Adam Cross.
    Would appreciate if you could head over to the CW Meme thread to weigh in on Gavaskar's atrocities
    Thanks, Burg. It's getting sorted slowly. Looks like he's gonna be fine once the procedure is done.
    Hi mate, Nah different place for a couple of years now. Don't work in the city anymore - based in North Ryde. You get out this way at all in your line of work?
    Haha, just stay clear of your Mrs before she gets her test results ;)
    No worries at all - and yes certainly right, seems to be changing every day. Still working in Parra mate? We haven't had a lunch in what must be more than five years now. If you ever fancy a catch-up let me know.
    Hi mate, hope you're well. Just to let you know that one of my good friends and his wife and kids got tested this Tuesday just gone. They haven't got the results yet and were told today that it would be another 3-4 days before they would get the results due to "high volume of testing".
    Yeah just organized it yesterday, seemed worth the money given how I represent myself without the eye of the law looking on me.
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