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  • Hi Ankitj - Just seen this but Thanks Trundler gave me a heads up later, was following intermittently but confused slightly by order at first (and hadn't seen my emails for next pick) think I get it now - lowest average of last picks pick next?
    That's right. This format doesn't have fixed 11 rounds.
    I'm really busy at the moment working on a political campaign; I only really have time for light-hearted social posts, although I've been reading the thread. If you remind me mid next month I'll dig the thread and give my thoughts.

    Happy to change the title now though.
    Fair point. He has not performed well in big events as well so maybe Fizz is a better pick. Rabada's test triumphs remained in my mind I guess.
    online cricket mmorpg game

    you get a team of players, a ground, a youth academy, and you play other teams in a league. you can train your players, there's a transfer marker, international cricket teams, the whole shabang
    Hey ankitj, you need to pick Mahmadullah either 9th or 10th so that you can pick Bradman 10th or 11th. He is your M pick if you pick him (So you can't pick both him and Marshall for example)
    Thanks for posting in the thread. Are you up for stepping in for Milenko47? He hasn't been active enough and will be modkilled. If you send me an email at mafnp814 @ gmail.com I can fill you in.
    Yes sir. You were active a while back when we would run games, thought you might be up for it in case I have to modkill someone tonight.
    Hey man. I know you've been active in mafia before. I'm running a themed game right now and was wondering if you'd be interested in filling in a role due to inactivity. It's still early in the game.
    Hey mate, I have a few ideas in mind for the next one. But I'll add yours to my to do list ha

    I know he can waffle on a bit, and in the beginning it might be like nails on a chalkboard for you to listen to, but I recommend giving it your attention (as you eat or something) and watching it, even though you can listen to it, and get through these lectures and you will may them really enjoyable and learn something (I did). The discussions we can have after it will be much more fruitful and engaging for both of us. Cheers.
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