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In Glitter & Gold by Barns Courtney, the chorus says 'I got fire in my soul', but Barns doesn't enunciate the 'r' so it sounds like 'I got Fy in my soul'. So thanks for runining that song I guess
Hi Sir. can you advise on my website that I started for cricketers to buy the right bat for them. Their is so much technical detail on every bat that is not conveyed on many website cricket-bats.com
Do you have any shops near your house where you can buy a bat from, if not, what are you looking for in your bat, in terms of size, weight and design?
Hi Nick i came across a very informative website, and it gives you the most advice on bats, from the handle type, spine height and sweet spot. Most bats are made in India. SG , Bas and SS is actually companies that manufacture bats and then New balance, Ceat, Puma and Adidas buy their bats from them and apply their brand stickers. Visit this website cricket-bats.com