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  • That sounds ideal Max, we'll confirm the details closer to the time.

    Cheers mate.
    PS, we've got plenty of time to sort this out so no rush, but can you give some thought to where we might meet on the morning of day 3 to do the swap over?

    I'll be travelling up on the train and getting off at Flinders street then making my way to the G. Where abouts are you staying that night? As you're going out of your way to stay in Melbourne I don't want you to have to have a hassle that morning so I'll try to get to you as best as I can.

    Anyways, let me know in time what you reckon the best place would be and I'll get there. It is likely to be early though as I want to get to the ground by around 9 - 9.30 so I have plenty of time to stake out a good spot for the flags.

    Cheers mate.
    G'day Max,

    As you may have seen from the thread there have been a couple of developments with the flags and we now have howardj taking them to Brisbane for all 5 days. Also Vic Orthodox may be be able to do day 1 at the G but this is not confirmed yet. You're still inked in for day 2 and me on day 3 (I'm booking my tickets today so I'm now confirmed :) )

    Howardj will post them to either you or Vic once we know what Vic is doing.

    Cheers mate :)

    Good question. Another of my favourite bands from back then was House of Love - they did the same thing, just refused to name their albums.
    Hey Max, Can you email me your Ph No? The flag makers need it for the shipping documents.

    Cheers mate.
    South African music tastes are mostly kwaito, hip-hop, jazz and rock.

    God knows what my band's genre was, but I now write mostly folk stuff. Or folkish stuff. My lyrics are violent and very uncommercial.
    There were no personality clashes in my band, it just ended because... things end. I'm still friends with most of them. But to be honest, we spent more time drinking and taking drugs than writing music. That was my fault, I was the songwriter. It was a good experience and we wrote some good songs. Highly difficult for anyone in South Africa to care about that kind of music though.
    Have you studied music? I've only recently begun looking at theory. The violin player on those songs I sent you is an incredible musician. We don't play together anymore, bands are difficult things.
    I love the sound of piano, even more than guitar. I don't know the piano, but I'll figure it out. I'll never be a good player, but I just need to be good enough to continue writing songs. It's a shame because the guitar is a really convenient instrument to play. But c'est la vie.
    ha, yeah, I write pretty dark songs.

    I play guitar and pretend to sing. I may have to move to piano/keyboard though as my left wrist is killing me on the guitar these days.
    Hey Maximus

    This will give you some idea of the stuff I write: tohireanurse.bandcamp.com

    Are you a guitarist?
    Hey mate,

    That's awesome so long is wont be an inconvenience for you. If I do come up and it's me you have to meet I'll certainly let you have plenty of notice........I should be able to commit to it within the next week or so. Got your email with your address. Thanks for that.

    Cheers Max,

    How stupid of me.......of course I knew you were from Geelong. We mustn't have had a weather forecast from you in a while :P

    That's awesome mate. If I do make it on day 3 I'd only come up that morning (from East Gippsland) Sounds a bit of a pain for you to have to stay in Melbourne the night just to hand the flag over.......hopefully we can organise something a bit more convenient for you.

    We'll see who else puts their hand up as they maybe able to meet you after the game on day 2.

    Cheers mate.
    Hey Max,

    Are you still up for looking after the banners on day 2 of the Melbourne test? If you are and we don't get a volunteer for day 1 can we get them shipped to your address? You can email it to me at addtamx at gmail.com

    Are you actually in Melbourne itself or out in the burbs? I'm contemplating coming up for day 3 but I can't commit to that just yet but hopefully will be able to next week.....if I do, how feasible would it be for us to meet before play on day 3 to hand over the flags? If it's not me and we get someone else going on day 3 we'll have to organise something similar.........does that sound doable for you?
    hey, hws it gng man, I had taken a break from cricketweb due to some issue. will try to post when I get time. M sure u criticized Mendis a lot in my absence
    Hi Maximas,

    That is very big of you to say that. And I appreciate you taking the time to message me. For my part I owe you an apology as well for dismissing your opinion a young person's opinion. I tend to get defensive during discussions on that topic and need to be more careful with each person who responds as we all have strong views on what can be an emotional topic.
    You are a good bloke and I enjoy your sense of humour and posts on spin bowling in particular.
    Cheers and thanks again for your thoughtful message.
    haha nah i have adblock, it was actually in the video itself. took up about a third of the screen, scrolling text went by on it saying Sri Lanka v South Africa 1st test Day 1 or whatever haha. squashed the rest of the picture up, good to see they're not doing that anymore
    ah sick. wasn't sure if they still had that gigantic black banner running along the bottom of the screen like they did during the SL v SA tests haha
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