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  • How do you systematically download from this? For ODIs I copied statsguru results in csv.
    Hello again!

    Thanks for the response.

    What I was ideally hoping for was a sort of scatter-graph type thing with batting averages on one axis, bowling averages on the other and points plotted against the respective averages that, say, the top 5%, 10% of batsmen/bowlers would have. Would that be quick/easy to generate from the data you have? Alternatively, do you know how I can get a list of all the batting/bowling averages ever in excel format, so that I can play around with it myself?

    Your link was very interesting, mind, and I had a lot of fun with it so thanks! :)


    Hi Viriya

    I don't suppose you've ever/would be able to quickly generate a graph/table or something showing the different percentiles of test batting and bowling averages? Would be much appreciated if I'd be able to have a look!


    Hi Viriya,

    If you want to discuss in more detail than we can go into on the forum you can email me at davewilson_us at yahoo.com.

    Cheers and thanks for reading and commenting!

    Hey mate, if I gave you the base factors for test batting bowling performances (minus match result, match situation and quality of opposition) then could you come back with a top 100 list?
    Can you please tell me what is the average catch-drop %age and missed stumping %age in the fielding data you have?

    Please reply even if you don't want to share the numbers with me.
    I have no idea, that's why I'm asking :p

    How does one go about getting a dump of innings data from statsguru?
    I have a question for you -- if you look at the graph I just posted in the NZ tour thread (/forum/cricket-chat/67972-official-new-zealand-zimbabwe-south-africa-2015-a-42.html#post3535218), do you reckon there'd be any way your data could be used to generate something like that without the finger-breaking labour of plugging every single ball ever faced in by hand?
    If the friend doesn't manage to sell the ticket, would love to get one after the game and keep it as memorablia..
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