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  • Mate. I would normally, but I won't be any fun today, I have the gf's parents staying with us and have to entertain them.
    In Auckland city today for the st. Patrick’s day parade, mate?

    I might go down there to take a look and go to an Irish bar.
    Dude, which team was better, the 1987-88 Shelford *** ****** or the 1996-97 Fitzpatrick *** ******? I think the '96 Wellington performance was better than anything the Shelford *** ****** produced. But in general, I just don't know...
    "I was contemplating starting an International modern Rugby draft (players playing Test rugby post the year 2000), but wasn't sure if I could drum up enough Rugby fans on this site."

    That you didn't ask me... hurts!
    sure mate, I'll try to keep up - I'm not too good at drafts and can't guarantee I'll make every cut-off, but happy to contribute!

    Dude, I'm thinking about Frank Bunce's try against the Lions from 1993. I think it was nonsense and that it ruined the entire series - that and the phantom penalty that Fox knocked over!
    Good luck with the draft! I'm not knowledgeable on rugby at all though so I'd have no idea haha. Sounds fun though!
    Hey mate, great concept and ordinarily I'd happily partake but life is getting a little in the way at the moment (and for the foreseeable months) so like the 6 nations draft, I'll sit this one out.
    John Eales, Jonah Lomu, Christian Cullen, Stephen Larkham and George Smith all to go in the first round.
    If you need the numbers I can take part. I don't expect to come close to winning mind
    Hey mate,

    Not really too keen on the drafts. Thanks anyway.

    And the messages below just sum up why I don't bother with the Official Rugby Thread these days either.
    I would happily be involved..... I am probably going to invite for a Superugby fantasy as well....
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