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  • Nothing in particular. Just didn't feel like coming to the forum i suppose. Hope the pandemic hasn't been hard in you.
    I mean yeah AK was either Precam or someone else but he was a deranged ****er. Posted hardcore porn of various levels of disturbed on people's VM walls with one of his multis, and was generally a rancid troll with others
    Hey, don’t usually do this but the reason the guy was not banned was that the news article he quoted referred to Khalistanis and other separatist groups as well so it’s not definetly about Pakistanis.

    Tbh, in my personal opinion, he was trying to bait Pakistanis so we warned him and will ban him without benefit of doubtif he makes a similar post in the future.

    Hope you’re doing well btw.
    oi smali, wanna play my draft? there won't be any voting. thread name: 'date-specific odi draft'
    youtube com / watch?v=cnwxUhB9w_M

    Try watching some Friedman lectures. You'll understand economics much better as he tends to distil complex ideas in ways anyone can understand.
    hey there this is gonna make me sound like a huge jerkoff but could you send me your auction draft team on my profile? cheers
    Lol, did you decide the stool joke wasn't funny after all. Or did you think it could be a bad political move? :p
    hey sorry could you chuck your final team up in the auction thread? accidentally started the final voting without your team - gotta do a revote haha i'm inept at this
    Am sorry about that, but I feel the same way about Billary. We can agree to disagree on this :)
    It's not that, man. It's just Billary tends to perpetuate the stereotype that women can't be as good as men, need men to be effective, can't be independent and all that crap. I know you don't mean that, but it just helps feed the fire.
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