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  • You know back in the day when you used to run a cricket sim on the Football Manager forums? I was looking for something there today (long story) and came across the thread. Took a cheeky look for the good old times, and realised one of the people in my team of about 25 people at work was also on the same OTF cricket team as me back in 2009. Small world. :laugh:
    Haha that's amazing. Who was it out of interest? And does he know?
    It was S Whalley. Can't be bothered to look up his username but it was something like PNEFC_92 I think.

    I told him and I think he was just a bit perturbed that I'd found that. :laugh:
    Don't remember it being pink but it was so wet and windy that I mainly just focused on getting inside. The new building isn't open yet, or at least not for my section, but will be there in due course
    I was there for a whistle stop in Feb, there and back in a day. Train obviously but my god that was exhausting (and I tire more easily than normally at the minute, or especially did then). Tay House was the building I was in. I was meant to be up again and this time overnight on 23rd March and then well I don't need to explain
    In case you missed it, questions are up. I expect a public apology for you voting for sledger.
    I can't see it being Danny myself, Ferrari run a clear 1-2 and I can't see him going to be a no2. I can see them going for an experienced driver who's not really shown title credentials - Hulkenberg would be a perfect fit for me (fast, but no threat to Leclerc, can score consistently, just never has had a podium car)
    Would you prefer to be interviewed by Burgey, as if not I'd be happy to do yours
    hey Furball. Interested in jumping into the COVIM-20 mafia game? We've got a couple of people dropping out, would be great if you could step in as a replacement
    the last one i was writing for was called F1Chronicle, they'll no doubt be happy to take on inexperienced writers, though it's all fan run so no money through them (a number of the writers, including the editor, came over from Realsport101 when they canned us). Give them a shout, they've got a decent writing set up, if a little lacklustre in promoting/designing the site.

    Problem is many of these smaller sites rise and fall in a season or two as peoples attentions wane
    Basically whore yourself around, do all the free stuff you can, then take it to a bigger place and offer them free stuff, until someone big enough has a budget to pay you for a few bits. It'll take time.

    However if you're like me, be prepared to sacrifice something you enjoy because you have to dedicate far more time to it than just taking it at face value. Maybe find something that intrigues you rather than you're passionate about
    It's definitely not something you can just quit your job and go for really - there's so many people out there wanting to express an opinion on things that you need a portfolio of impressive work before someone will take you on a paid gig. It'll take a lot of hours writing for free to an audience of 12 before you'll make a breakthrough. If you're like me, you'll get tired of your free time having to be dedicated to something that's not getting you anything (I am rather impatient though).

    Apart from him, the only person I know who's made it into non-news journalism is my mate Phil. who used his time after being made redundant to do loads of blogs on gaming whilst working in his mums pub. He managed to build up enough of a portfolio to get some unpaid little slots with PCGamer. He's now their editor.
    i don't write anymore, I just lost enjoyment for doing it, too many deadlines being imposed at short notice, not actually being able to watch the event fully because I'm writing whilst watching, far too much analysis of something that's supposed to be a shut off from the stress of work. It all killed it for me.

    I got into it through a friend who'd help set up a sports site, he's always been into sports journalism, had studied it at uni, his route in being a British NFL writer. He did a few years of free writing for American sites, giving the British view, before finally getting picked up by people like Sky/CNN when the Wembley games started to become more of a thing. Outside of that the paid gigs for him were few and far between, and he never really made money off the site, nor did the site ever really make any money itself (i might get the odd paid thing once in a blue moon, never more than £100 a piece) until gfinity bought it out because it'd developed a niche in e-sports coverage.
    Used to, got binned off by my original lot when they got bought out (they wanted to focus on football and e-sports so chucked a load of us out). Did a bit more last season but I just got really bored of it - it was sucking the fun out of the sport a bit (didn't help that the new site was just very amateur)

    I will be on the piss with Crofty in April though if you've any questions!

    Never been one to 'take a side' per se but Lennon is a horror, Gerrard was a fine England captain, so Rangers all the way. Rooting for you guys.
    Glad to see your VMs are back so I can send you abuse

    Really did think you'd rage quit the forum back in the summer
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