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  • Hey mate, I'm wondering if you have any insight into local cricket in London/Middlesex.

    I'll be looking for a club shortly but don't know if it's realistic that I play in the lower grades for one of the more established clubs like Richmond or Ealing, or if there is an equivalent to sub-districts which I always played back home. I don't imagine you have any experience in this part of the country?
    Hopefully. I'm temporary at the moment but hoping to be made permanent. They're not registered to sponsor though so may have to move on if I want to stay in the UK long term. What are you doing for a crust?

    I'm doing the whole two year working visa. Currently 6 months into it and working at the Housing Ombudsman in London. What brings you to Huddersfield?
    Yeah it’s not an album that really works as background music for me, that’s what I found. I first listened to it with a full car and didn’t get it. Later that night I had headphones and alcohol and it blew me away
    Do you like the Arctics newest stuff?

    I know you were a big fan back in the day but seem to remember (I think) you weren’t so fussed on the later stuff so be interested to hear your views on the most recent...

    Spoiler: their newest album is my favourite of theirs and possibly in my all time top 20
    congrats on the 75 btw Jack, I am Nil. Yeah, denby is a nice ground, small and a nice track usually..
    Hi mate, glad you got here safely..you guys smashed our lot didn't you! congrats mate.. Yeah we won in the 2's so up in 3rd but one game between 1st, 2nd and 3rd position..are you Jack?
    Hi mate, glad you got here safely..you guys smashed our lot didn't you! Yeah we won in the 2's so up in 3rd but one game between 1st, 2nd and 3rd position..are you Jack?
    That’s great news. Really pleased it’s sorted and hopefully all the other stuff will fall into place too. Safe journeys for you both. No doubt you’ll be posting about the vagaries of the English weather and it affects on our sport soon enough lol. J.
    Just popped on here to see if you have made it to the UK. Hopefully you have and can enjoy the few days of summer we’re having at the mo. All the best for you both . Jayne ��
    Oic, thought you were here for start of season mate.yes, denby doing well so far! First team haven't lost and us second teamees threw away the game we lost due to awful fielding. Safe travels and bring the sun with you mate!
    Hi. Could you please change the title of the English LMS thread to *NEW GAME LMS, starting August 25h* (English football)"
    Ah I thought you might be heading over imminently actually.

    I'm off tomorrow and Thursday for tomorrow night's game (long old journey and all) but might as well have booked today off too. Did nothing, couldn't concentrate, anxious,struggling.

    I hate the play offs!!
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