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  • Hey, you down for a podcast this weekend on the Ashes? Juz share your skype name with me or Bijed and we can work out specifics over skype chats.
    Of course! Next one may not be until after the ashes, unless something incredible happens in the meantime - I'll let you know as further plans emerge :)
    Check out the thread Interview Requests in the Site Discussion forum mate.
    Thanks for your response.

    Moreover, you seem a reasonable chap, as an Indian you can't be unaware your country is ruining the international game with the IPL, its stance on UDRS and the precedence it gives to limited overs, I'd love to see an article on how this makes Indian fans feel. Embarrassed and ashamed, one suspects
    Hi. I was not sure who to contact about this, but saw you were a staff member. Please can the site put up more historical articles?
    Just to explain it a bit further, there are 8 1on 1 battles that will happen in the final 16. You are supposed to vote for the member you like/rate more out of the 2 options in each battle. 2 battles go on at one time.
    Just supposed to vote for the member you like more on CW.In the final stages right now. No problems if you don't want too, though.
    The post the infraction was attached to, in particular. Also it seemed that some of your posting wasn't there to add constructively to the debate, rather to get a reaction from people.
    Sorry mate, had some bad news this weekend and not in a very good mood
    'twas in half jest.. I truly don't believe they're even comparable... Bradman didn't have an international career even 10% the length (matches - ODIs incl, tours, countries to face, grounds played on, bowlers played, quality spinners, conditions, ) that Tendulkar has had. But in his time, he was by a mile and half the greatest bat, so that you oughta give him.

    99.96 vs 57 makes as much sense as 127 vs 99.96 (Andy Ganteuname)
    I was supposed to travel for the match if I got the tickets but alas. In case u need help I will mail u my no. I will try what I can do
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