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If we talk about sports in general, especially in Europe, football is, unsurprisingly, the number one sport of all time. Apart from football, Europeans also like some other sports such as tennis, basketball, and everything else you can think of


The Ultimate Guide to Betting on Cricket


Online betting has seen a significant rise in popularity in the last several years. Modern online bookmakers offer almost every type of popular sport, including cricket. While cricket is not as popular as football, tennis, or basketball, it’s still very much present in the sports betting world.


The Best Sports Betting Tips for Fantasy Cricket


Creating the perfect fantasy cricket team is only one of the steps necessary to win. What you need is skill and information is your best friend here. Fantasy cricket forms a massive part of the $2 billion industry and so it’s the person or team with the most points after a match has been played to be announced as the winner.


Will Shikhar Dhawan retain his position? Will Virat Kohli be number 4?


While there is no shortage of India’s options for number 4 and MS Dhoni’s position has not become known in the weeks following the World Cup, this time a new set of questions have emerged to join India’s T20 team. There are 15 months to go before the 2020 T20 World Cup. Beyond three T20Is against the West Indies, here are some issues that will have to be worked through the selection committee and team management.


Virtual Reality: The New Trend in Cricket


Virtual reality will change different areas of our lives, that’s for sure. The timing of a widespread diffusion remains to be understood, but the investments made by the largest global technological giants in this area leave little room for doubt. And yes, also in cricket, Virtual Reality will be a new trend. Let’s see in this article a little more about this topic.


Barry Richards Set For Ashes Date


Barry Richards will be at Lord’s this Thursday to sign copies during the lunch interval of England’s second Ashes Test against Australia. Richards, along with co-writer Andrew Murtagh, will be on hand to sign copies of Sundial in the Shade at the dedicated signings booth outside the main Lord’s Shop situated by the East Gate. […]