Welcome to Cricket Web's Fantasy Cricket game! This is your chance to lead your very own World XI to glory and a place on our Hall of Fame leader board.

Before you dive right in we suggest you have a read to familiarize yourselves with the game workings.

If your still having trouble understanding the way the game works or just have a question you need answering then feel free to check the FAQ page, use the Cricket Web Fantasy Cricket Forums for assistance or feedback through the Helpdesk for more information.

The Aim of the Game

Fantasy Cricket gives you the chance to put your management skills to the test. The aim of the game is to assemble and manage a team of cricketers from the international game and score as many points as possible. Cricketers score points based on their actual performances and the manager with the most points at the end of the game will be declared the winner.


Before you can create a team, you must register for a free Cricket Web's Fantasy Cricket account. Please note that creating more than one account is strictly not allowed, and will result in all accounts being disabled and teams deactivated.

Adding a Team

Each user is restricted to one team per competition for each account. However you can enter as many different competitions as you would like or are actively running at the time.

To add a team to a competition you need to study the player list and choose 11 players to make up your team that consist of:

  • 3 Batsmen
  • 1 Wicket Keeper
  • 3 Bowlers
  • 4 Mixed Roles

Players are rated A (15 points) through to G (3 Points). The combined ratings of your players must not exceed the competition limit. There is no limit on the number of players you may have from any one country so as long as you can stay within your competition budget you can pick any players you wish.


When you create a team you will be asked to select a captain for your team. Your selected captain will score double points for you (remember that's double losing points also). So unlike in actual cricket you are selecting your captain on gut feeling that they will score big points for you rather than real leadership skills. Don't forget to pick your captain carefully as there are heavy penalties for changing them mid competition.

Points Summary

To view the scoring systems for the game please visit the Points Summary page. Please note that players do not score any points for making the starting eleven.

Important points to take note of:

  • No Result Matches are not scored
  • Points earnt during a Super Over are not scored
  • Modifications will not be reversed under any circumstances

Modifying Your Team

Unlimited transfers can be made prior to a competition starting. Once a competition is underway there is a transfer limit* available to you to make modifications as and when you see fit**. Transfers can be made in one go or over the course of a competition it's down to you to mange your team.

All transfers are instantaneous so points for the new player will start immediately.

* Transfer limits will vary for each competition; this is due to each competition running for irregular time frames.

** Transfers close while a match is in progress however you may still make pending transfers, but please note they will not become active players and start earning you points until the completion of the games played on that particular day of the competition. If there is more than one game played on that particular day, the pending changes will apply at the conclusion of all games played.

Matches are disabled at the original scheduled start time, and delays of any kind are not taken into account.


You can view all the standings of the current, archived and user leagues under the Full Standings link. Simply select the competition that you wish to view from the relevant drop down menu and the chosen league will load at the bottom of the page.

You can also view a summary of all current competitions from within your logged in area and a detailed view of all your archived teams and leagues.