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Looking back on five of the biggest comebacks in cricketing history


Cricket is a great game for the statisticians, and everyone loves a record. India’s topsy-turvy England tour is turning into a classic for the stat freaks. As the second day of the third test drew to a close, spectators were wondering if England might triumph by a record margin. A day later, following the Pujara-led fightback, some were daring […]


Is English cricket set for a decade of decline?


Depressingly, the only thing that stopped India from winning the first Test at Trent Bridge was the Nottingham rain. The truth is, however, if this English summer wasn’t doing everything it could to impersonate the unsettled winter months, then England would be going into the second Test at Lord’s 1-0 down.


10 Fascinating Cricket Rules That You Need to Know


Cricket is one of the most popular sports globally, surpassed in total viewership only by football. Obviously, things would be very different without India, but it’s still a popular discipline in many other countries worldwide. It certainly is hard to dismiss its charm, but sometimes newcomers to the sport may feel baffled by some of its rules.


Common Mistakes to Avoid When Playing Fantasy Cricket Online


Cricket is the second most popular sport after football. People don’t only like watching cricket, but many enjoy playing it too. While nothing beats playing the game on the ground, online cricket tournaments have their own charm. If you are a cricket fan who enjoys playing cricket, give fantasy cricket a try. You can enjoy great cricket matches from the comfort of your couch!


ICC introduces point system for WTC: What is it? How will it work?


Despite the sport being incredibly popular in many of the most populous countries in the world, cricket continues to be one of the most innovative ones. There have been a number of variations of the game to have been created throughout its history, with the likes of the T20 format having grown into something many may have found unimaginable when it was first introduced.