The latest and greatest addition to Cricket Web family. This long awaited flash cricket game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end! Slog a six, perfectly time a cover drive for four or scamper through for a single, you can do it all in this new state of the art flash game. Take your favourite side for a test drive today!

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Today's High Scores

Position User Score Teams (bat v bowl)
1.Syed555550Pakistan v New Zealand
2.Syed555543New Zealand v Pakistan
3.Syed555533India v New Zealand
4.Syed555527New Zealand v India

Overall High Scores

Position User Score Date Created Teams (bat v bowl)
1. arsenalXI 292 20 Sep 2011 Australia v Bermuda
2. johnfishfish 290 06 Apr 2014 Australia v Bangladesh
3. . 165 04 Apr 2012 Australia v Hong Kong
4. nonani23 164 21 Dec 2012 India v Hong Kong
5. nonani23 163 17 Jan 2013 India v Hong Kong
6. . 163 30 Mar 2012 Australia v Hong Kong
7. mirza11 163 31 Oct 2009 India v United Arab Emirates
8. . 162 10 Jun 2014 England v Hong Kong
9. . 162 04 Mar 2012 Australia v Malaysia
10. . 162 23 Mar 2012 Australia v Hong Kong