Wounded Tiger


Despite misgivings in some sub-continental quarters Peter Oborne’s history of Pakistan cricket has received many plaudits, so Archie has been tasked with casting his eye over it for us



Vinoo turns the ball to leg as Len Hutton watches from slip

India’s greatest ever all-rounder? Most will put forward the name of Kapil Dev and then search in vain through those who came later, but maybe the real competition is a man from the disappointing years of Indian cricket after the Second World War


Inside The Boundary


Geoff Wellsteed’s little book tells me my home town of Reading, Berkshire, twenty odd miles from West London, has produced as many as 26 First Class cricketers. There are some big names amongst the 26 as well. The spine of the Surrey side that won seven consecutive County Championships in the 1950s came from a […]


Rohan Kanhai


His name is sometimes overlooked when the great West Indian batsmen are discussed, but Rohan Kanhai was one of the very best. In this feature Martin tells his story


Champions League – Benaud’s Law of Supremacy

Richie prepares to give his verdict

When Richie Benaud passed away earlier this year, I was moved to re-read the publications of his which reside in my cricket library, one of which, Over but Not Out, includes this phrase:- “A champion is generally regarded as a cut above the rest of the field”.
Dave Wilson applies Benaud’s Law to unearth them.


Devil Ducky

Devil Ducky

At huge personal expense and displaying great moral fortitude, we fly in the face of danger in order to bring you, each and every week, the truth* behind the stories, personalities and characters that make cricket the great game it is today.

*Not everything you read in this column may be 100% accurate. Some facts have been changed to protect the innocent.

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