The First West Indian Test Cricketers


As England and West Indies play out a disappointing and low key series in the Caribbean Martin takes the opportunity to look back to when it all began


You Only Get One Innings

only one innings

Possibly one with limited appeal to those who have yet to rack up a half century in years, but for those who have already achieved that level of seniority it seems Barry Nicholls’ autobiography is an entertaining read


Playing It My Way

Sachin's autobiography cover

In his exhaustive book, Sachin Tendulkar chooses to depict his life in a typically uncomplicated manner that keeps his public image untouched, yet engage his fans.


The Glory Days of Cricket

Glory Days

Authors revisiting their defining work with the benefit of a couple of decades hindsight and further consideration almost always produces a worthwhile second edition, and Ashley Mote’s story of the Hambledon club is no exception


The Awful Truth

Awful Truth

Reviewing this book is something of a digression from Archie but, as he explains, it just sneaks in as a cricket book even if the greater appeal is likely to be to followers of Australian Rules Football


The Saddest Summer

Richie Benaud

As the title of Alan McIlvray’s book notes, The Game Goes On. Still, as Summer gives way to Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, one cannot help but feel the celebration of cricket which is the World Cup, and indeed the whole season, has been bookended by two losses which will leave a lasting impression on […]


Devil Ducky

Devil Ducky

At huge personal expense and displaying great moral fortitude, we fly in the face of danger in order to bring you, each and every week, the truth* behind the stories, personalities and characters that make cricket the great game it is today.

*Not everything you read in this column may be 100% accurate. Some facts have been changed to protect the innocent.

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