The Flower of the Flock


Although he won’t come out and say so some of us at CricketWeb suspect Martin believes that James Vince’s first Ashes trip is going to be reminiscent of Tip Foster’s memorable visit to Australia in 1903. Why else would he choose now to write about the man who still holds the record for the highest Test score by an Englishman in Australia?


Lucky Jim Pleass


With Archie’s review this week is being of a distinctly mainstream title Martin has dug out something for the hardcore cricketing bibliophile. Surely there can be no other sport where such a good book can be written about the life of a man of such modest achievements?


The Pocket History Of The Ashes


There is no series quite like the Ashes, particularly for publishers, and once again on the eve of the game’s most famous contest we have a new history appearing – from Archie’s review it sounds like one for the new enthusiast so will doubtless find its way into many a Christmas stocking


The Journey


Given its timing some will question the motivation behind the suggestion that Steve Smith might have been playing for England this winter, but doubtless it will help sell a few copies of the man’s autobiography in the Northern Hemisphere


Ashes in Australia – A view of the opposition


With only two weeks away from the first test of Ashes series 2017 at the Gabba, Australia, the former England’s wicketkeeper Geraint Jones prepares the ground for the English team revolving the challenges before and on the pitch. Jones has been part of a memorable 2005 Ashes, often described as the most exciting and greatest […]


You Need Speed (part one)


Australians believe their fast bowlers are going to be decisive in the coming Ashes series. In the first part of a two part feature Archie looks back at some famous pace bowling combinations who have dominated past encounters.


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