A beginner’s guide to betting on Cricket


Cricket is often regarded as one of the most strategic and complex sports that’s played, however betting on the game is far more straightforward. Due to this, more general betting punters have started to take a greater interest in cricket. If you’re unsure where to start, below we’ll take you through some cricket betting tips.


Compleat Cricket


There have been plenty of books about the County Championship, but only three about the experience of following the finest domestic competition of them all in the 21st century. Tim Cawkwell has written all of them


The Four Day Follow On


When can a side be asked to follow on when the run difference on first innings is less than the standard 200 runs? When there is no play on the first day, usually for weather reasons reducing the match to four days. As per the Laws of the game, the follow-on target is then brought […]


Winds Behind The Willows


A book devoted to Sri Lankan cricket is a rare thing, and we are very grateful to author Ranjan Mellawa for providing us with a review copy of his magnum opus on the subject of the game he loves


The Indefatigable Thomson

Ian Thomson booklet cover

The usual reason for buying a book is to provide a source of entertainment or to acquire knowledge. This one does both, and as a bonus your hard earned will support a very worthy cause


Revolution ’97

Rev 97 cover

Sussex supporters of a certain age will doubtless remember it well, but for those of us who don’t fall into that category here is an interesting reminder of the off field events that transformed the club a couple of decades ago


Cricket Web Podcast

Cricket Web Podcast

The latest addition to Cricket Web. A regular podcast with members from the Cricket Web Forum.

Features Blog


Cricket Web feature articles take an in-depth look at events in the cricketing world.

Gulu Ezekiel Blog

Gulu Ezekiel's Blog

Over the coming weeks Gulu Ezekiel will be contributing his thoughts on cricket's history as well as some current issues in the game. Hopefully we may also be able to tease out of him some of his best work on other aspects of India's rich sporting heritage.

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