Whitewash to Whitewash

White Wash To White Wash

Archie breaks with tradition to include an interview with author Daniel Brettig in his review of his latest book which, despite its title, is not simply an antipodean gloat over the outcomes of a couple of recent Ashes series


Guts and Glory


An interesting look by Gulu at a book from a long-serving colleague. Watch out for a review of another of Waingankar’s books from Martin in the course of the next few days


The White Horse and the Kangaroo

The White Horse and The Kangaroo

On 25th June the 2015 Australians will begin their tour at Canterbury. The traditional opener at Arundel has long been dispensed with, sadly, but Kent will be one of the few counties to entertain the tourists. Time was, of course, when the tourists would play every county – a few of them twice – as […]


The Return of the Duck – A Contrast in Fortunes

Guinness Glass

Lucky Eddie has finally left me in peace to watch a few hours of cricket. He’s getting on a bit in years now, and a couple of small shandies is about all it takes to render him non compost menthol. It’s been a while since we have spoken, but that’s not entirely my fault. He […]


Devil Ducky

Devil Ducky

At huge personal expense and displaying great moral fortitude, we fly in the face of danger in order to bring you, each and every week, the truth* behind the stories, personalities and characters that make cricket the great game it is today.

*Not everything you read in this column may be 100% accurate. Some facts have been changed to protect the innocent.

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