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Easy To Understand Guide To Cricket Betting


With this quick and easy guide, anyone who is completely new to cricket betting will understand how to take those first steps towards finding value bets. Betting on cricket is very much like betting on other sports. You should have a basic grasp of the rules of the game and the form of the teams if you expect to find decent opportunities.

Here’s how to get started.

Cricket Betting Markets

There are a few different popular forms of international cricket which will be the most popular betting markets available on major sites. They are Test cricket, One Day with 50-overs per team, and T20 events.

Test cricket is played over five days, and so a lot can happen in terms of form and changes to conditions. T20 is a much faster format played over a single session. In this case, hitting for six is often more important than defensive and strategic play. Betting strategies should change accordingly as you gain experience of these differences.

The main betting market is Match Outcome. This is simply betting on which team will win. It is the simplest bet to make and in some ways the most predictable, leading to slimmer payouts with less risk. There are many other cricket betting markets, such as leading runscorer, top bowler, total score over/under, and even best partnership.

How To Bet

To place a bet on a cricket market, it’s possible to use a bookmaker’s shop or a reputable online betting site. You can compare online bookmakers using Oddschecker to see who is offering the best odds and bonuses at any given time. This is a useful way to find the perfect site.

Anyone placing a bet will have to sign up to their chosen site. This usually involves opening an account and downloading the app or software. Then you can sign up using basic personal details. Always make sure the site is secure and legitimate before making real money deposits.

After that, find the cricket market that you are looking for and it’s then possible to place a bet.

Cricket Betting Tips

The number one tip when betting on cricket, apart from finding a reputable place to make the bet, is to always do your research to find the right bets. Learn about team form and look into stats around the players and opposition teams.

Monitor weather conditions and grounds for subtleties that could affect the result. Will it be overcast or will the sun be shining directly in the batting team’s eyes on the first day of the Test match? Does the pitch lend itself to the bowler or make for easy batting? These are factors that more experienced betters will start to think about.

In the long run, the idea is to find value bets – odds that you believe are in your favour. That is, the bookmaker has set a particular chance for an outcome, and your research suggests something else.

Most of all though, always bet responsibly and with money that you can afford to lose. Cricket betting should be fun and enhance your enjoyment of the game.

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