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Cricket Web is a well-established cricket site that attracts a global following.

Cricket Web boasts one of the busiest cricketing communities on the web with a hugely popular discussion forum with close to 25,000 members and well over 3 million posts along with our free cricket games attracting over 150,000 members so far.

We also have the largest collection of cricket book reviews on the internet, and have many full featured blog articles that are regularly added for your reading pleasure.

Along with this we have a fully featured Gaming section a Cricket Stats section to rival any other.

Start exploring and enjoy what we have on offer.

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The Team

Owner & Head of Cricket Web – James Nixon


Dave Wilson (Lead)
Archie Mac
Bradley West
Cameron Burge
David Taylor
Finn Tait
Ganeshbabu Venkat
Gareth Bland
Gautam Lalotra
Joe MacDougall
Kshitij Srivastava
Marco Trevisiol
Martin Chandler
Martyn Corrin
Matthew Winney
Neil Pickup
Pawan Mahalingam
Rodney Ulyate

Fantasy Cricket

Junaid Latif (Lead)


Jake Howe


Hannah Dakota

Forum Moderators

Neil Pickup
Prince EWS

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