• Cricket Captain 2021 Review

    Cricket Captain 2021, the latest iteration of Childish Thing’s Cricket Captain series, bears a newer look on its face with the introduction of a new logo, a yellow helmet, which is also present on the game’s folder icon. There are newer features present in the game too- it boasts the addition of a ‘Super Over’ to the game (Unconfirmed reports suggest that the New Zealand parliament has taken a grim view of this development), allows the players to receive job offers from around the world and has made certain changes in its interface, like an updated database, Target RPO (T. RPO) being replaced with Estimated RPO (E. RPO), etc.

  • Cricket Captain 2020 Review

    “The fourth evening of the first Test between England and West Indies saw a surprising move by Jimmy Adams, who decided to send in not one but two nightwatchmen after both West Indian openers had been dismissed cheaply by some exceptional swing bowling. Luckily for West Indies, Ambrose and Rose were able to stave off Gough & co. preventing any further damage. England would look to knock off the duo before looking for the prized wicket of Lara while West Indies would hope that by deepening their batting, they could pull off an upset by chasing a target of 277 on a pitch becoming increasingly conducive to the English bowlers.”

  • International Cricket Captain 2014 Review

    Childish Things release an update to their evergreen Cricket Captain (formerly International Cricket Captain) series each year, and every year I am beset by a quandary – are the year-to-year changes enough to justify purchasing the new version? Especially when, on the surface, the most visible changes relate to player transfers and statistical updates, it […]

  • International Cricket Captain 2012 (iOS)

    International Cricket Captain 2012 (iOS) Review

    When I first opened up the new iOS version of Childish Things’ renowned International Cricket Captain series, the game mirrored reality. While the real Jacques Kallis made Ricky Ponting fall flat on his face with a yorker, taking his dignity alongside his wicket, the virtual version was making hay after Brendon McCullum fell early, belting […]

  • International Cricket Captain 2012

    International Cricket Captain 2012 Review

    Having recently sat down to review the most recent installment in the Cricket Coach franchise, it’s now time for me to get to grips with a different kettle of fish. The International Cricket Captain games are no stranger to me, for indeed, I spent many hours in the evenings of my school days acquainting myself […]

  • Cricket Coach 2012

    Cricket Coach 2012 Review

    It was just over twelve months ago that I sat down to write the Cricketweb review for Cricket Coach 2011. Whilst my overall impressions of the game were very positive, it was prevented from being truly great by a few small niggles which let it down. A year on and I’m sitting down again, this […]

  • Cricket Coach 2011

    Cricket Coach 2011 Review

    As an avid fan of cricket and sports management sims, it’s perhaps strange that until recently I had never before picked up a copy of any game from the Cricket Coach series. Despite hearing positive things from various sources I was determined to stick with what I knew and continued to play each the version […]

  • International Cricket 2010

    International Cricket 2010 Review

    Twelve months ago I reviewed Ashes Cricket 2009, and remember being left with a bitter taste in the back of my throat. I actually went back to it in a brief, unthinking, moment last winter – having convinced myself that it couldn’t have been quite as bad as I’d remembered. It was worse. Last year’s […]

  • Ashes Cricket 2009 Review

    I wanted this game to be good. Really, I did. I’ve played virtually every single cricket game I could ever get my hands on: ICC, Brian Lara, EA’s series – PlayStation, PC and Mega Drive… and every time there’s always been something missing.

  • Cricket Coach 2009

    Cricket Coach 2009 Review

    ‘A worthy addition to the Cricket Coach series, Cricket Coach 2009 has improvements to its 2007 incarnation which enhance the playing experience whilst staying true to its roots. Perhaps a little too good.’ The cricket coaching genre has been dominated by the International Cricket Captain series of games and with good reason; Empire Games has […]