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Cricket Web Podcast 2.04 – Surprise!


Hanne, cnerd and Jake welcome back a full schedule of Test cricket as the world tries to catch up on itself. Also featured: Ajit Agarkar and MINDSET.


Looking Back: The top cricket stories of 2020


It’s hard to believe that cricket was able to be played in 2020 but it managed to escape the pandemic’s grip. Since cricket was one of the few sports that made it through the year, we can assess some of the top stories that came from the sport, including these top 2020 cricket headliners.


How to Use Free Bets on Cricket


Cricket is a hugely popular sport not only for people tuning in to watch, but also for gambling on. Many people place bets on games that take place, from domestic games to internationals, from T20 quickfire cricket all the way up to five-day battles.


Cricket, and How it Can Help Increase Workplace Productivity


When it comes to managing a business, there are a few things that can help guarantee success in a competitive industry. For example, it can be challenging to get anywhere without the necessary coverage, which is why a certificate of liability insurance is crucial. After all, you would not want anyone to take advantage of a legal loophole due to a lack of proper insurance, as it could very well end up in an expensive legal battle. There is also the use of search engine optimization (SEO) and various other digital marketing tactics to boost company and brand exposure.


Top 5 Tips for Betting on a Cricket


Did you know that cricket rivals football in popularity, and is only slightly inferior to it? This national English sport is especially popular at home, as well as in the former English colonies: India, Pakistan, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and others. On cricket, like any other sport, fans place bets. Cricket betting is as easy as betting on other sports. Moreover, a legal casino rewards VIP clients with a wide range of betting offers. So, everyone can find an event to their liking. Here are our top 5 tips for profitable cricket bets.


A Quick Guide to Test Cricket


Casual cricket fans might have noticed that there is a small difference between some of the different types of cricket we see being played at the professional level. While there are many different leagues and tournaments out there, it is often Test cricket that comes out as being the most prestigious. Let’s take a closer look at what Test cricket entails.


Cricket Australia Assesses Situation in Adelaide


Many major sports events from all around the world were affected by the COVID 19 pandemic this year. In March, many of these events had to hit the pause button as the rise of COVID cases worldwide was happening. Sports like football, basketball, and cricket were affected. Many fans were surprised but many are also relieved since the cancelation and postponement of these events were for everyone’s safety anyway.