Interesting hobbies of five big cricket stars


As avid cricket fans, it can sometimes be hard to imagine our favorite cricket players doing anything besides exclusively playing cricket. However much they love cricket, being a professional cricket player is a job, though. So it makes sense that professional cricket players would have some hobbies they do for leisure outside of cricket. We’ve done our research and found out some of the most interesting hobbies that our five favorite cricket stars enjoy.




In the 1970s India’s fast bowling stocks were non-existent, yet they still managed to produce one of the best players of pace that the game has seen. In this feature Martin tells the story of the man concerned, the hugely popular ‘Vishy’


Supreme Bowling – Part Two

Supreme Bowling cover

Several of CricketWeb’s feature writers have contributed to Patrick Ferriday and Dave Wilson’s latest book, Supreme Bowling, a companion volume to Masterly Batting, which presents 100 great Test bowling performances.

In this second of three extracts Rodney Ulyate and Patrick Ferriday are featured, writing on Allan Donald and Tim Southee respectively.