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Ireland’s unlikely journey to receive Test Status

Cricket Ireland

Stop a local on the streets of Dublin, Belfast, or Skibbereen and ask them if they can name a member of the Irish cricket team. The likely answer will be a shake of the head and a shrug, with perhaps a slight recognition that Irish cricket is now a ‘thing’, and that perhaps there is a team doing ‘something’ in some corner of the world.


Is English Developmental Cricket In Trouble?

NFL Wembley

We don’t tend to think of England as a country that has much trouble embracing cricket. And yet, a recent article about the status of the sport at the local level indicates that some changes may be in order if it’s to remain as popular as it has been in the past.


Best Online Cricket Games


Like most people, probably the first cricket games you played were online. Most of them were tiny, little arcade-style flash games. They were easy to pick up and held your interest for long enough to get you through those hours of boredom. Based on those experiences and through a very flimsy and subjective process of analysis, we’ve concluded that the following five games are the best online cricket games at the moment. Surprisingly enough, most of these games have been on the internet for many years now. With the exception of Stickcricket, we haven’t seen too many good online cricket games for a while now. Here are our choices.


Cricket Gambling Tips: How to Up Your Chances of Success


If challenged to name the sport that offers the best trading opportunities, it would be hard to make a stronger case than for cricket. There is a televised match virtually every day, sometimes even two or three, and the game is generally spread across a wide variety of markets. Moreover, this sport involves so many nuances, all of which have profound implications for the outcome of each match and innings. By developing a detailed understanding of those nuances, the well-researched, disciplined trader will soon enjoy a significant advantage compared to most punters. So, here are some tips on how to successfully bet on cricket.


The Fun Of Online Betting In Cricket


The number of people who wager their money in cricket is increasing at a rapid pace, thanks to the proliferation of new formats of the game such as ‘one day cricket’ and `20 overs cricket.’ Gamblers no longer need to wait for five days to see the result of test matches to determine whether they have won or lost. It might seem unbelievable, but the amount of money in stake runs into millions of Pounds, especially when leading international teams play against each other.


Interesting hobbies of five big cricket stars


As avid cricket fans, it can sometimes be hard to imagine our favorite cricket players doing anything besides exclusively playing cricket. However much they love cricket, being a professional cricket player is a job, though. So it makes sense that professional cricket players would have some hobbies they do for leisure outside of cricket. We’ve done our research and found out some of the most interesting hobbies that our five favorite cricket stars enjoy.