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Interesting hobbies of five big cricket stars

As avid cricket fans, it can sometimes be hard to imagine our favorite cricket players doing anything besides exclusively playing cricket. However much they love cricket, being a professional cricket player is a job, though. So it makes sense that professional cricket players would have some hobbies they do for leisure outside of cricket. We’ve done our research and found out some of the most interesting hobbies that our five favorite cricket stars enjoy.

Shane Warne – Poker

Famous Australian cricket player, Shane Warne not only plays poker recreationally –he plays it almost as well as he plays cricket!  Ward is a star poker player, finding himself playing in the World Series of Poker even. However, this year he did not do so well in the main event that comes with a hefty  $10 000 buy in. Warne lost some games and took to Twitter to air his grievances. After his embarrassing blow up on social media, hopefully Warne will spend some time practicing some poker strategy at home before the next big tournament. He can play online video poker from home which is very convenient, and also lets him play in peace away from possible paparazzi, while he works on improving his game.

Matthew Hayden – Gardening

Sticking with Australian cricketers, let us talk about Matthew Hayden, the famous Aussie cricket star who is currently happily in retirement. Who would have thought that this opening batman would have such a green thumb! Now, Hayden who is 44 years old and formally retired from the game, enjoys spending his time in his garden. He specifically grows his own organic vegetables and cooks with them. Not a bad way to spend your time and ensure that you know exactly where your produce is coming from! Matthew Hayden has taken his love for food and cooking and has channeled that into two best-selling cookbooks

Suresh Raina – Singing

The 29 year old Indian cricket star, Suresh Raina has many talents. Aside from being an incredible fielder, he also has a great singing voice! Raina has recently sung a song featured in the 2015 Bollywood movie, ‘Meeruthiya Gangsters’. Raina reportedly enjoys all things to do with music, but claims the cricket will always be his passion.

Dale Steyn – Photography

Dale Steyn, the famous South African cricketer loves being outdoors –and not just on the cricket field! Steyn reportedly loves all things to do with nature; enjoying activities such as surfing and sky diving. His overall love for nature and travelling has inspired him to take up photography in an attempt to capture the beauty he sees. Steyn has even taken a yearlong photography course in order to learn more about this art form.

Alistair Cook – Farming

This might come as a surprise to some, but English captain Alistair Cook is a man of simple pleasures who enjoys the countryside. He has his own farm and enjoys tending to the land and animals when he is not playing cricket.

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