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Zero to Sixty – the Final Hundred, from Langer to Bairstow

Justin Langer and Jonny Bairstow

In his final feature, Dave wraps up the investigation of important runs in Test cricket and brings the study up to date by looking in detail at 100 or so batsmen who debuted between Justin Langer and Jonny Bairstow.


Cricketing Myths

CB Fry - was he really offered the Kingdom of Albania?

Following on from Martin’s piece on Big Hitting,, guest writer Patrick Ferriday provides some insight to other cricketing myths.


Hobbsy: A Life in Cricket

Hobbsy: A Life in Cricket  by Rob Kelly

Hobbsy: A life in Cricket – the biography of former England, Essex and Glamorgan leg spinner Robin Hobbs – by Rob Kelly, was published in 2018 by Von Krumm Publishing. Cricketweb is delighted to feature an extract from Rob’s fine book.