A Lesson In Libel


Sportsmen should confine their battles to the field of play and not fight them in a courtroom – in this feature we remind them all why that is sound advice.


Sachin Tendulkar : Favorite Five


Arguably the game’s most complete and rounded batsman, the most worshipped cricketer in the world, 95 international centuries under his belt, one short of completing 50 Test hundreds. The records just keep on rolling for Tendulkar. Having completed 49 Test hundreds, his 50th is certainly bound to be special no matter where he scores or how much he scores. It was a tough task to pick five of his gems from the 49 but Ganesh Venkat of CW has picked his favorite five – here is the list in chronological order.


The Victory Tests


An important new book, “The Victory Tests” by Mark Rowe, has just been published. In this feature, with the aid of an extract from the book, we look back at English cricket in 1945.