An Extraordinary July Day in Ulster


Many feel that Cricket Ireland’s desire to obtain Test status is an unrealistic expectation but those who can recall a match at Sion Mills on July 2nd 1969 may not. In this feature Cricket Web looks back at a remarkable game of cricket.


Australia Overcome The Odds


A trip to India for a seven-match ODI series with your side handicapped by injury is not the most enticing proposition, but Australia underlined their ODI superiority with a 4-2 victory.


A plea for a better World Cup


I have been of the firm opinion that people who run ICC do not watch the game. I could go one step further and claim that they don’t know much about cricket or rather don’t care about the game or its fans.


Eastern Promise


Last Monday afternoon contained the e-mail saying, “Neil, someone has had to pull out of the school exchange trip. Do you fancy coming to Tokyo on Thursday?” What could I learn about cricket from the Far East?