Taking on Lindwall, Miller and Thatcher


In this feature Martin looks at the life and times of a man for whom the great bowlers of the 1950s and early 1960s were just a warm up act for the real challenges that lay ahead


Misbah and Pakistan’s search for a hero

Misbah ul Haq

Nothing reflects an average Pakistani’s fascination with heroes better than the position of the Pakistan cricket captain, the man who in the eyes of an average Pakistani stands up to the dysfunctional and archaic institution that is the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and produces scintillating performances on the ground despite the system while their nose at the tools of control — the manager, selection committee, chairman etc. This is why this is the most coveted job in Pakistan cricket.


Gordon Greenidge – Product of the Royal County


We are given to understand that Martin has batted on several strips of turf where, not so many years previously, Gordon Greenidge had done the same. Sadly Martin scored many runs fewer than Greenidge, but he still thought it a good excuse to write about one of the most punishing opening batsmen to have played the game


The Fun Of Online Betting In Cricket


The number of people who wager their money in cricket is increasing at a rapid pace, thanks to the proliferation of new formats of the game such as ‘one day cricket’ and `20 overs cricket.’ Gamblers no longer need to wait for five days to see the result of test matches to determine whether they have won or lost. It might seem unbelievable, but the amount of money in stake runs into millions of Pounds, especially when leading international teams play against each other.