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Battle of Cricketers - CW's Favorite Cricketer


International Coach
This one is like a finals itself lol. Would have backed both these guys to be the last two left.

I love Marshall but there can be only one Brian Charles Lara and I hope he goes on to win this. The man carried West Indies almost single handedly for a decade and is easily the most entertaining and brilliant batsman I've ever seen.

I think Sanga put it really well in his article on Lara:

"Every game had the potential to produce something amazing. When he was batting well, there was no greater sight in world cricket" - Kumar Sangakkara
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Would've been a worthy final. Have to go with BC Lara tho. Saw his test career from debut to (mildly anticlimatic) end and he really was cut from a different cloth to mere mortals. It's a bit trite to say genius transcends its own sport but his came pretty close in my estimation. The grace and surity of his shots were awesome in the true sense of the word.

Suspect if I were a decade older I might've gone with Marshall tho.


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I absolutely love what I've read of Marshall, but Lara had a bigger impact on my actual cricket watching life. And that is a deciding factor when it's such a close contest.

Think the average age of CW members is biasing it a bit, but still goes to show WAG Marshall was.


Cricketer Of The Year
I didn't really like Lara that much, I remember him scoring the 375 and 400 against us but I never found those kind of big scoring draws particularly intersting to watch. And I have never seen Marshall bowl even in highlights, so really I know nothing about him. So I guess I should just abstain.

Jungle Jumbo

International Vice-Captain
Lara, possibly my favourite player of all time. I can remember him equalling and then passing Hayden like it was yesterday. Also the knocks against South Africa a few years back (2006?).

Funny, obviously I never saw Marshall live... but never actually seen any archive footage of him either. Not that I've gone looking for any, but seen lots of Holding/Garner.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Marshall by a long long way. The man was a personality on & off the pitch and the greatest bowler of all time. The combination of skill & personality easily eclipses Lara for me.


State Captain
Abstain. Lara was incredible but never one of my favourites, being a rival of sorts to Tendulkar. Same for Marshall as he was long gone when I started following cricket.

Wasim for the win!