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  • Yeah not the strongest squad but made a couple of good attacking signings the last two days. Should be okay. Bolton will go down and Bury won’t start the season so just two teams to finish ahead of.

    Shame I didn’t get another visit to Griffin Park. Prenton Park itself is a rarity with two pubs and a marquee at the ground but the pub on each corner was truly special. Good luck for the season - think you might sneak into the play offs.
    Hi, could you save the ticket(s) of the match for me if you don't need it? I collect them..
    I did see a rumour about it on the TRFC forum as we have a sell-on clause I think
    Yes, he divides opinion, or he did at the time anyway. Most who were against him now accept they got it wrong given where he is and where we are.

    He works best in a midfield three, or with a proper grafter next to him. He's a 100%er, but definitely better with the ball than without it. Scores a peach now and again and always looking to make things happen.

    Nice lad too.
    I wasn't far from Bonifacio, there is loads to do while you are there but it's pretty westernised. Sports bars and franchise restaurants. If you want a look at the weirder side of life a night out in Makati is a must.

    Take a trip out to Lake Taal. Lake in a volcano in a lake in a volcano. Most amazing thing I've ever seen. It's a couple of hours from Manila, outside the province.

    As a history buff you will want to go to the WW2 cemetery which again is right near where she is staying. And if you miss Sledger that much the Filipino Arsenal supporters club are based in a bar called Skinny Mikes where I cheered Hull on in the 2014 FA Cup Final.

    There's literally hundreds of islands so taking a trip to any of them is worth it, again while still in Manila, Intramuros would be up your street.

    I'll think on a bit more as this is a little bit disjointed but Lake Taal is by far and away my number one recommendation.
    Yes I went for five months across a couple of spells.

    Presumably she's going Manila - whereabouts? And what do you already have planned?
    Yeah good plan. I've got your number and deleted the vm so as you don't get too many texts about cheap kitchens
    The WC qualifying group looks okay too so should be time to learn on the job
    I can deal with Barnes. I don't truly hate him, just find him to be incompetent. McAteer was the real devil in that management team.

    Hoddle was a good England manager in his day. Average at his clubs after that and let's not forget his involvement in Arry era QPR. He still reads the game well but going for him now would be worse than when Liverpool brought back Dalglish

    If it's an Englishman, Howe or Warburton
    Fair assessment. Got a few things to read so will be a cheapskate and wait for the paperback. Interview with Mark Wright puts me off. Hate him on a personal level

    Take it you aren't hoping For a Hoddle appointment then ha

    Sorry for bother you,but can you please decide this three matches
    Ash Williams 3-3 Roger O.Thornhill
    Agent Smith 3-3 Neo
    John Doe 4-4 Marge Gunderson

    This is from greatest movie characters tournament, we need just one more vote to move in 2nd round. You just make post with your votes
    Topic is on off topic podforum
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