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  • One of the adults I was on holiday with this week referred to Queens of the Stone Age as 'classic rock'.
    When you say "adults" how old are we talking?
    I didn't ask but they've got a paramedic job which required them to have a degree
    I mean, if they <25 I'd say it's acceptable. But if they're over 30 there's no excuse.
    hey mate and thanks for voting in the tv thread - heads up, i changed it to 15 not 10 because ten was a bit limiting so you can add more if you want
    Graham Coochie
    Jack Knobs
    Ricky Poontang
    Willie Hammond
    Victor Trumpet
    Vajayjay Hazare
    Quinton De Kock
    Peter Pollock
    Harold Lar-wood
    Waqar Penis
    Be**** Singh Bedi

    Since the thread is closed, I'll leave it here.
    Indeed, but could make for some good future trivia questions for the little one about when they were born...
    Haha yeah we talked a bit of cricket too; he was delighted to hear I shared his view that Test Cricket is the greatest form. Really good bloke and discovered as well on said evening that we'd been conversing on a TRFC forum for many moons where he is one of the better posters (under an anonymous name, obv).

    Same to you mate, have a good Xmas and all that and hopefully the whites dump Spurs out the cup in the new year!
    Alright mate, how’s life?
    Went to a mate’s last night to watch the Tranmere game. He had another mate round who is the singer from Half Man Half Biscuit. Thought you’d be interested as I believe you’re a fan.

    Absolutely great bloke.
    Glad to hear mate. Good to see you around the place, can only imagine something like that takes some time to come to terms with.

    Sorry to hear you’ve been sucked into domestic life though ha!

    Yes arctics stuff is very different. I had my first listen to it the night it came out, in a London hotel ahead of the play off final while sinking a bottle of red and it blew me away. Think you’d like it.

    Liam’s stuff is fantastic, much better than Noel’s I agree. Found his groove without just rehashing Beady Eye. He’s already working on the follow up, it’ll be interesting to see what he comes up with
    Sup mate, I was contemplating starting an International modern Rugby draft (players playing Test rugby post the year 2000), but wasn't sure if I could drum up enough Rugby fans on this site. Let me know if you're keen and if I get enough interest, I'll look to start it once this current 6 nations draft is complete. Cheers.
    Thanks mate, sorry I didn't reply earlier. Looks a great resource but I think I might be SOL for this one.
    Hi mate, I've been trying to find an instrumental version of Black Eyed Dog by Nick Drake - I believe it may be on a Tamworth in Arden collection but I can't locate it anywhere. Any ideas where I can widen my search?

    No, actually. Their most intimate (and acoustic, though with electronic elements) album since The Bends, though very, very melancholic. Was interested in what you'd think of it as a result, haha.
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