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Battle of Cricketers - CW's Favorite Cricketer


Norwood's on Fire
Thanks for running it Vimes, been very enjoyable

I think next we should do battle of the current cricketers, any takers?


Cricket, Lovely Cricket
Great job Hakon. Once again, thanks for running this. You run the battles like no one else does.

As Brumby said, Viv is probably not a favorite of mine in the sense that Tendulkar or Warne or cricketers of yesteryear like Miller and Bradman are. An unexpected winner (just my opinion) but I loved the battles. Great so see some one like Andy Flower reach so far.


Cricketer Of The Year
Enjoyed voting and commenting throughout this battle and although I wouldn't have expected Sir Viv to have been the champion at the start of it, a worthy winner IMO for his cricketing contributions.


Hall of Fame Member
Not by most Favourite(or top 3) but Worthy Winner Indeed is Sir Viv.

Thanks Samuel Vimes for running this .Done a terrific job.


International Coach
Didn't expect him to beat Lara tbh. Atleast it was close. Held sometime else, Lara could emerge the victor.