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  • Got it. So I can not have the same year combination in MY XI. Right? I was not aware of any such rule.
    Marc, how is RN ten an illegal pick? Can you please tell me so I can pick another player by keeping that in mind.
    Agree with you on that, which is part of why I stated Imran is inferior to Sobers. Greatest bowling all rounder tho.
    Sounds good mate, but then what happens when the person after them picks? It'd be kind of like that scene in Back to the Future where the Doc is drawing on the blackboard.
    Hi Marc, we need the new draft order.

    Would you like me to randomize an order for the draft going forward?
    Hi marc, do you think you could make the out pick on Red Hill's behalf when you come online? Just asking so that I can make my pick as well and close out the round.
    Hi Marc, thanks for the message. I agree with you and think either of those methods would see more involvement. If you'd like to reboot the thread using either one of those methods I'd be happy to help.
    Hey marc, that's definitely not the list that I had an issue with. The bogus list has many of the same players that most of the lists have, It was just the sequence of the list that makes it look like the person gave up after selecting their favourite at 1 and possibly the favourites biggest rival at 25. The rest of the list (With the exception of 1 more) were done alphabetically.
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