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  • Hey - I think you mentioned in something the other day that you do some football/basketball drafts fairly frequently. Can I ask where? I like looking at drafts that people have done, but struggle to find them for non cricket things a lot of the time.
    We also have similar drafts and your knowledge will be invaluable. We got @ nice share of Sri Lankan posters there.This community has been here since 2005.This is the new site opened in 2014

    More of a sense of "I don't have great qualifications and various impediments so it's harder to get a good one" :p

    Right now I've got part-time work and another source of income so it's not too high on my priorities right now.
    Yeah good points, some cricket in Australia is very frustrating in how batting-friendly it is. I think the situation in Tests is better than what it was a few years ago though.

    It's been going OK. Not progressing as fast as I'd hope, but ehh, my current situation isn't too terrible. So as long as my family has cash I'll be fine, I don't know how I'd cope with having to get a full-time job and having to 100% support myself at this point given I don't have good qualifications.
    Ha, good mate. How has life been treating you? Surprised you said you were anti-cricket for ages. What happened there?
    Good to hear.

    Nah man national service was done in 2012. I'm in uni now in my final year :)
    Hey man, great to have you back :)

    Cricsim's dead these days but I do check once in a while out of habit. How's life?
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