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  • Hi mate,

    i just saw your message and hope I'm not too late.

    I think a lot of those angles will work with Aussie Rules as well, but you could ask some questions like who's the leading goal kicker of all time (Tony Lockett); who was the documentary The Final Quarter made about? (Adam Goodes) and what did it deal with (him being hounded out of the game by relentless race-based booing). Ask them to explain the holding the ball rule (too long to explain here but it's an important part of the game and one which any genuine fan would know about); which State capital is the only one without a team? (Hobart).

    I hope those sort of things help.
    Don’t worry mate, the fighting and bickering only gets worse. You’ll be wishing for sleep deprivation
    Hey mate I'm good thanks.
    The answer to your question is...that you can't really do anything about it as far as I can tell. But if its any consolation, in about 4 years from now they'll be sleeping but wanting to rip each others heads off the whole time
    Glad to hear everything is well with you - even with the root canal treatment!

    That's absolutely fantastic! Hugely appreciative of the offer and will definitely give you a shout if nothing materialises elsewhere. As you say, getting something 'official', to use your terming, is obviously the first aim but I don't think I can convey how grateful I am of the offer.

    How much hassle would organising it cause you? If any at all then needn't worry but if not then, truth be told, it'd be something I'd be very open to taking you up on even if I do manage to land a placement elsewhere as well!

    Obviously it's not my intention to extend the offer past the circumstances you outlaid or be cheeky at all, just couldn't find the best way to phrase the question in my enthusiasm haha
    Currently applying for summer vac schemes, despite not actually being certain about what it is I want to do in the future. A bit up in the air in that regard at the moment!

    How are things with you? Hope you and the family had a great Christmas and New Year!
    Hi mate,
    All going well on the whole. Had a bit of a rough time in the first term of this year, nothing course related thankfully, but that's behind me now so looking forward to getting going again in a few weeks.
    Law itself is going well, have found myself properly engaged with all my modules this year to differing extents. Have no qualms with either of my optional modules (Discrimination & Evidence), Tort was great to begin with (Negligence) but some of the other parts aren't anywhere near as interesting (Occupier's Liability etc) and while I've struggled hugely with Land Law there have been times where it's given me the greatest satisfaction. I absolutely aced two of my tutorials, so much so I was asked not to answer some questions, and really felt like I was getting to grips with it but then all of a sudden I'll stumble across something I can't make head nor tail of. Hopefully I'll get there before May though!

    Happy birthday(s) for the twins, Cameron. Ours are a joy but I won't pretend we're not knackered beyond belief.
    Thanks both. Pretty cool that we'll all have twins eh? Anyhow I've no ****ing idea whether I'm ready for it, and am banking on denial of reality to get me through the period before the birth (C-section booked in for 17 Aug). Reality take its hideous hold after that.

    Sorry for the delay in responding, I've removed the CW shortcuts from my iPhone and computers as I've been getting a bit of cabin fever here - I'll be back soon. In my absence - hang tough. Tx
    You're having twins? Don't listen to Burgey, they're anything but a joy. ****ing nightmare. I had a full head of hair when mine were born.

    But seriously. Congrats. Must be something in the water at CW, all us top geezers churning out multiple pregnancies like there's no tomorrow.
    That's lovely news on the twins mate. I've 10 year old twins. They're a complete joy.

    Burnside is quite a man. Runs most of the big human rights cases here. He's also defending the Commonwealth in a ***ual harassment claim against the Speaker of the House here, which is beginning to look like a fit up to try and have him turfed out of parliament when the government has a 1 seat majority. It'll be quite interesting to see how that plays out. Burnside is the right bloke for that gig.

    Did Burnside speak at your chambers last night? If so, how was it? He's a pretty interesting bloke.
    Thanks mate I really appreciate it. Soldiering on as normal for now - have a few tests etc to go through before we need to really start worrying about it. Survival rates etc pretty high even if she does have something so we're keeping to the positives for now. With any luck it's just some viral inflammation and not the big C.

    Thanks again mate, really appreciate the thoughts.
    Yeah he's a human rights lawyer, has a big profile. Represents refugees and asylum seekers. One of the good guys.
    Glad you think so! The areas they specialise in are very closely matched to my own personal interests, and I worked closely with a few of their solicitors when I worked for a surveillance company a few years back, so hopefully that'll work in my favour.
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