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  • submit a list of opening batsman on cricket chat! i need atherton to make the cut so i can give him a write-up ;)
    I'll give the hundred a go but I still don't really see the point of it
    Can't complain. Missus is behaving so that's a bonus. Can't say the same about the kids. Football is back to normal now we are in league one ie terrible
    Mate, don't forget to submit a top 20 list. Always enjoy your thoughts on cricketing matters
    Thanks for your help Martin. Unless you find anything else I suspect Thompson has misinterpreted a vague description of spin or seam movement for swing.
    There are a few lines on Lowth in Volume II of S&B which makes no mention of swing bowling. I've found Gale's book on Grimston which Thompson acknowledges and I've also got Echoes from a Cricket Field - neither has an index but only a couple of the chapters in Grimston concern cricket - I can't see any reference to Lowth at all in either but have only skim read them - I'll have another look at the weekend
    Thanks Martin.

    I've got plenty of old classics by the likes of Altham, Pullin, Knight, Beldham, Lucas and Ashley-Cooper, but these generally only mention Gale in passing and make no mention of his comments on Lowth. I don't have anything by or directly about Gale but surely these sources are the most likely to yield results. If you could check these I would be grateful. Also is there a mini biography of Lowth in Scores & Biographies? I've only got volume 1 which is before his time.

    Thanks again

    Hi Martin,

    I wonder if you can help me. I always thought swing bowling was first mastered by the likes of Bart King and George Hirst around the turn of the 20th century, and there is a fair amount of contemporary literature to support this. However, in his recent biography on Lord Frederick Beauclerk, Mike Thompson writes this about the 1830s bowler Alfred Lowth "According to the writer Frederick Gale, who was a junior at Winchester when Lowth was there and often fielded longstop to him, Lowth was a master of swing bowling who could start the ball well outside off stump and hit leg." I have been unable to identify where Gale may have written this. Do you think Thompson may have misinterpreted spin or seam movement for swing, or did Gale actually write this?

    hey mate, i reckon you should submit a list in that spinner thread. we've only had 2 brits submit lists in there so far
    Sorry I wasn't trying to be a dick to you off-topic most-stupid-thing-you-have-ever-done I have corrected my response should have explained better as someone has been nasty to me about this.

    Certainly never wanted to put you in a bad light. Hope all is cool, Caroline x
    Hope you don't mind me asking this, but have you come across anything particularly interesting regarding relatively modern Somerset history (i.e. 1970s-ish onwards)? I'm aware of Roebuck's official history and the odd David Foot book, but that's about it. Currently rolling around an idea for a piece in my head that will need a bit of background research in that respect, so thought I might try my luck!
    Hey mate, just letting you know that I'm considering Sylvers this round in Andrew's draft. You're ahead of me in round 3, so I thought I'd let you have first privileges on him :-)
    Hi mate, would you be able to check your email when you're free please?
    Hiya mate, apologies for getting back to you late as I haven't logged in recently. But that's awesome! my email is hamz5150[at]gmail.com
    Thanks a bunch!
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