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  • Excuse me. I have to reply him for calling me a buffoon. You shouldn't have deleted my post.
    It will be really embarrassing if we lose to India (which is what I think will happen since our poyz can't handle the pressure).
    Thanks. Hope everything is going well for you as well.

    I'll be sure to visit you, but I have to try and scrape some money together first :p. Texas does sound like a good place to visit, but I probably would have to make plans for the winter (of course we don't get temps as high as those you get in Texas).

    I am not one of those people who supports a particular party/group. I am happy to change my support to the person/party that is good for the country and people.
    Hey, job is good and I have made good work friends. However (InshAllah) I am waiting on my interview result for a better job within the department (better pay, 18 training relating to UK Tax laws/policy with exams and the job is back home), so pray for me. My landlord also extended the contract so didn't hav to move.

    But my car broke down and to get it repaired, it's going to cost £800.00!
    I'm actually terrible at MS Paint/Photoshop etc so you're probably better off asking someone else. Spark might have some ideas as to who to ask
    So did you read what he said about me? When have I ever supported them and is it a crime to feel angry when your own people are killed from drones? Have I no right to express my anger? Why must I be the one to always apologise for when Pakistan does something bad, but when another country does something like that, blame is entirely shifted as if there was no remorse at all. Is life so ****ing cheap.
    Had a good Eid. New Halal Steakhouse opened up in Birmingham. So went there with friends. The steak was a bit expensive, but worth the price (very nice).
    Hey i have two threads in the coaching and equipment section. I was wondering if you could remove the older one ?
    If by Great Satan you mean yourself.....I agree :P:P:P......apocalypse I am not so sure :P
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