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  • So got away with having Kak the Dropmal as my avatar. Thank God it wasn't yours. Wouldn't have been able to stand that picture for 4 months. :p

    Remind me never to bet against you. And I wonder what your least favourite avatar would be.

    Hey, this is a one-time use only account I have set up just to message you this one time. I don't know if I might get permanently banned for this, but I am taking that chance. My real username harsh.skm was banned today and the reason given was that of having multiple accounts alongwith Liquidity.Trap.

    The Liquidity.Trap account is not mine, but my brother's. We used the same laptop and internet connection to post here. We don't have two internet connections in my household, just one MTS connection which can only be used on one laptop at a time. Yes, he didn't act as if he knew me, but that was because I told him to not make it personal on a social forum.

    If you don't choose to believe that, I would understand. I just thought both sides of the story should be taken into account. I would like to assure you that I won't be using this new account for any purpose whatsoever, and will delete this account today itself.
    I think I preferred arrogant Aussies (when they were at the top) than arrogant Saffies (still new at this and are over doing their teams performance - I mean they nearly lost the second test). What about you?
    Hey, I feel so bad after this loss. It's Sydney all over again (at least we didn't have Kakmal dropping catches). This game was ours to win and we lost the plot. :(

    Feel like crying.
    hey dude, clearly we don't see eye to eye on so many issues but with the elections looming I wanted to know who do you really support (you never made it very clear)? I know you don't support PTI, and going by your recent comments you are not fond of right wingers. So is it safe to assume that you are a PPP supporter, and have you been a Benazir Bhutto fan for a long time?
    Hey what's all this I am hearing about border clashes between Indian and Pak troops. I have even read where Indians are claiming Pak troops beheading someone. Is it true? Pak are denying it and same with India denying killing a Pak soldier (don't know who to believe).
    You basically get paired with a random person from anywhere in the world. So you have two screens, one for yourself and the other for your partner and you chat. If you don't like that person you disconnect them and get paired with another random person, and so this continues. You get all sorts of people, from guys to guys without shirts, to guys naked and wanking!!! to people in groups to people wearing masks to the random girl and kids who should not be on there. No registration, no sign up, disclaimer. Anyone can just go straight in. ****ing disturbing, weird and scary.
    No shame whatsoever. No thought at all for the poor. What will they say on the day of judgement to their lord.

    Not speaking of taseer (obviously don't even know if he was corrupt). Just a general rant.
    Fair enough...but no corrupt person will ever be a hero to me. Bastards have sucked the country dry and continue sucking on a dry teat.
    Gul is back to being what he always was under Amir and Asif - a support bowler (I admit he is hard working but not much of a brain there). He was never strike/opening bowler material. Now that the pressure is off him, he will improve and concentrate on death bowling.
    Mate ATM I'd be happy of my normal car was operating better and not over heating. **** cost me a grand a week before Christmas.
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