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  • btw people who normally reign me in from my rants have said it's an awful infraction. I won't name them but these are people who are objective and not aligned to any 'side' as you put it. If I hadn't got that opinion from them I wouldn't have made the thread. Legit, you are worried that three quarters of the members will show the infraction up as a farce. You gave it because you couldn't infract him for the KFC thread. If you want to moderate the site that way, get rid of infractions and go back to how it used to be.
    I wasn't going to respond to the thread again. I clearly stated I was only interested in facts. Just wanted to see what everybody else thought. You're making baseless assumptions. Reopen the thread.
    ****ing awful. If there was one thing I thought you were, it was fair, but it seems you like your padlock too much.

    Awful moderation. Self-serving bull****. One side is banned and the other has posted. I literally just wanted to know what the members thought and you have taken that right away. It's a complete and utter disgrace.

    Reopen the thread and if it descends into madness, then close it. Not before.

    Why not close every thread in CC, they could all descend into madness too?

    If you think it was baiting, then why are you afraid of the members disagreeing?
    Ha, come on now. Not suggesting foul play on our part by the way.

    Anyway, members who normally vehemently disagree with my stance on moderation are in 200% agreement that it is one of the worst infractions ever dished out. A polite request that you reconsider, I'd especially like to know how such an innocuous thread is worth 20 points.

    Myself and everybody else knows that you've done this because you all run scared of benchmark, man the **** up,
    Interesting that benchmark knew the ban was 3 months even though you stated it was 1 month, and it wasn't publically corrected anywhere.

    What a shambles.
    It's tenuous, what kind of response could he possibly be looking for from that post? Ridiculous. You've done this because benchmark has been leaning on you all for weeks, nothing more, nothing less.

    I know when Sledger has done something to troll. That wasn't such an example. In actually flabbergasted you lot can Infract something like that. It's good to know here your priorities lie.
    Given that the only person whose ever received that infraction is in fact one of sledger's best friends on the site (ie me), you clearly are talking out of your arses.

    It'd be like saying you should Infract benchmark for every post he ever makes, as because I Don't like him, his presence is designed to wind me up. I had to read some of the most offensive and uninformed posting in my time on the site last Friday and you lot did nothing. Yet a ****ty little testing forum thread you ban someone over? What a ****ing farce.
    Which post pushed Sledger over the edge? Can't see anything infrctable in the last 50 posts.
    This loss hurt a lot. I hate the bastards for losing this one. And it's pathetic the way Misbah was so defensive and went with spinners. Guys like Fazal Mahmood must be rolling in their graves (better that they never got to see this humiliation).
    Not achieving maximum productivity; wasting or failing to make the best use of time or resources.
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