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  • He's being a dick and I don't think he is going to tell me. Anyway he might have been just trying to piss me off.
    I asked because my brother has found out I post here (he isn't a cricket fan) and intends to troll. Don't ban me if you get someone trolling whose proximity is close to me (he'll have a different IP because he will most likely be using his mobile connection).
    No AC anywhere and I was seriously tempted to get one of those portable ones. If the heatwave returns next year (most likely it will), I will definately purchase one.

    London is a great place to visit as a tourist and you will enjoy it here but living here is very different. It's extremely expensive and very overcrowded. I work in Westminster, so Big Ben, Houses of Parliament are all next to my building. And there are so many tourists around the place, it's really annoying!! I have probably been in hundreds of pictures that are trending globaly across twitter and facebook etc. I used to stop for people to take pictures but now I don't really care anymore.

    It's difficult to find someone from our background because the moment the family hears that I have a blood condition, they run away (you know what it's like within our culture - with their cultural baggage). And I am not a giant as you may think I am (shortest amongst my siblings).

    Yes, looking forward to visiting you.
    Rozas are tough. We have had a heatwave in London for the last 3 weeks. It's around 30 degrees outside temp, so you can imgaine the temp inside the underground carriages (boiling!!!). It also gets pretty hot at night so difficult to sleep. Also can't have any caffeine, so by the time it's 15:00, I get really sleepy. LOL

    Tbf, I really hate London. It's overcrowded, expensive and I detest the underground (very dirty). i am also very lonely here (find me a wife please :p).

    IA hope to visit Texas in 2-3 years, after i have saved up a bit. It will be an odd expereince for me because I have not come across many Americans before and I am always surprised at hearing the accent because it's so much more stronger in real life than on TV.

    How about you?
    I know what you mean. But what can you do about out of the blue, not connected, random people trying to cause as much damage as possible. I mean what was the point. They ruined their own and other innocent peoples lives. People like that deserve no sympathy (the uncles reaction was right as compared to all those people saying "oh he was so nice, mislead by his brother, etc).

    The mood must be pretty bad in the US with all the crap that's just happened. I hope you guys get past all this. :)
    It is visible now....it still doesn't tell why dhillon28 has been banned? Also whose multi was sobers no 1?
    Reading about Aussie fans moaning is funny. Imagine if they had a board like the PCB. We Pakistani fans should be congratulated for having to put up with the PCB for years and years.
    Sucks that they are splitting Book 3 into 2 season. Would have loved an extra massive double season all at once. Even better if they followed netflix. I would engorge on GOT all in one go. :p

    Do you think the new Ageon is a fake?
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