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Recent content by Fusion

  1. Fusion

    Question on ban announcements

    I don't know if lumping me separately from the rest of the mods is a good reflection on me or not. I'm thinking not. Agree with the mass firings by the way.
  2. Fusion

    Ban Announcements

    wrongun has been banned for a week for accumulating infraction points related to insulting other members.
  3. Fusion

    Name A Cricketer (Ex or Current) You Can't Bear To Watch or Hear

    Ramiz Raja Shoaib Akhtar Mohsin Khan
  4. Fusion

    the best way to stay unbanned on cw is to be the worst poster

    I've come around to this idea. I think it's worth trying out, IMHO.
  5. Fusion

    the best way to stay unbanned on cw is to be the worst poster

    And those 5 doing all the work must really love threads like these where they are appreciated for trying to do a difficult job as fairly as they can. Oh wait. Anyway, good chat!
  6. Fusion

    the best way to stay unbanned on cw is to be the worst poster

    Hey, you're welcome Flem!! Not really sure what more you wanted from me. I jumped into the thread and saw some crap posts from him. I infracted said posts and gave him a warning in the thread itself to behave (both so he has a clear message and that others see that the posts have been...
  7. Fusion

    Final - England v New Zealand

    Once Pakistan were out, I think 99% of Pakistanis had adopted NZ as their team to support. That's largely to do with Jacinda Ardern's incredibly moving response to the Christchurch massacre and the general goodwill the Blackcaps have built up over the years. Hell, I had people in my family...
  8. Fusion

    Final - England v New Zealand

    I haven't flexed my mod muscles in like over a year, but these posts definitely call for it. Cut this out immediately or you'll be facing a ban.
  9. Fusion

    Final - England v New Zealand

    Can't even imagine the feelings of the fans of the two teams.
  10. Fusion

    Sledger's Infraction Anthology

    Life commitments have made it where I very rarely post or contribute as a mod. I'll jump in occasionally when I can, but I probably don't deserve the mod title (yeah, yeah I know - I never did). I hope to post/visit more in the future, so maybe I won't be AS worthless as I have been.
  11. Fusion

    Sledger's Infraction Anthology

    Can't believe that was 8 (!!!) years ago. Now that it's been that long and we are basically BFFs, you can come clean and admit that the trolling infraction was justified. Do it for closure's sake Sledger!
  12. Fusion

    1st Semi Final - India v New Zealand

    Holy hell man, let it go! You know who definitely doesn't deserve to be in the semis? Pakistan, that's who! Knew the rules going into the tournament and should have realized losing to WI by a billion runs was going to come back to haunt them. Anyway, looking forward to this match as I need...
  13. Fusion

    38th Match - India v England

    That was tough to watch as a Pakistani fan, hoping and rooting for Dhoni and Company to slog and give it a go. But, if Pakistan didn't want to rely on Dhoni/India to get them to the semis then they should have beaten Dhoni/India when they played them head-to-head (and not losing to WI would...