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  • Eh, I'm more than happy to offend people by saying that, especially considering it is relevant to the point I'm making. White privilege is a thing and is remarkably relevant in this case, when white atheists are utilising that privilege (e.g. white male voices being the dominant narrative on almost any discussion, even when it has nothing to do with white men) to argue what (generally) non-white people should and shouldn't do, should and shouldn't feel. I'm guilty of it here too, being white and all.

    We live in a world society that is institutionally biased towards white men, where a large chunk of them believe that they're the authority on everything and always know best, even when their contact with the people they claim to know better than is painfully limited. To me, the argument that the burqa (though its normally about a mis-labelled niqab) is innately oppressive even when Muslim women choose to wear it, is one of the most obvious cases of it.
    I'm happy to take responsibility for my actions. And i do apologise for some of the recent exchanges i have been involved in. I'd like to note though that some of the posts directed at me have been on the personal side and i haven't responded with the same vitriol. I'd also like to add that much of what i say is banter on my part..but some others have really said a lot of disparaging things about WI as a team and also the players..people are clearly trying lure me into an argument so i'd hope the mods take that into consideration too.
    Thanks for the strong moderation in the ODI thread. I think you ended the conversation at the right time as it needed to stop after a while. All for now. Hurricane.
    Wrote my reply on my own wall the other day...oops

    Nevermind eh. I try not to dwell too much on endings, I still loved the show on the whole. I think it's what made Breaking Bad so good though; the whole premise meant it couldn't really outlive itself so the ending was never going to be too contrived
    Ah yes have heard good things about them. Don't think they are on Netflix so will have to erm, buy the DVD boxsets on the internet.

    I didn't hate it but it was all a bit surreal the way they went through like a whirlwind. They backed themselves into a corner filming that ending years ago and so undid everything else for about the last five years. Should have ended at the train station.
    Fusion, as a TV guru, you a fan of Sons of Anarchy?

    How about Justified, or The Shield?
    Had a mental blank ftr. Just wanted to find a gif of a black woman doing a "oh no you didn't" and that looked the best. Forgot about the filter :-x
    I've just spotted that I was infracted a couple of months ago for "discussion of piracy". Seems the post longer exists so could you clue me in on what that was about? Seeing as I was evidently wrong about where the line is.
    Yeah I have been really busy as well with a lot of work going on. I would dearly love to visit but it will have to wait because I would like to go to Hajj first iA.

    Have you been?
    what was the deal with vicleggie? did he direct that awful post at me, and if so was it deleted? and was your reply deleted. Bit confused.
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