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  • Fine tbh mate. The cough that's kept us here is already fading. Not that that means it isn't COVID or indeed is, of course. It's going to be a pretty frustrating couple of weeks but things could be much worse so got to just be positive. I got a hospital appt through today for something separate and the date is the first day I'm allowed back out on accordance with the guidelines so that worked out well haha.

    Thanks for asking mate, appreciate it.
    Never mind being sweet, I just wanted you to have to put up with an Aussie cricket uniform in the little fella's nursery. Any joy he derived would have been purely a bonus!
    You're kidding? Was the cutest thing ever! Little fluffy kangaroo in an Aussie ODI kit with pads, gloves and a bat :-(

    That's ****ed. **** Australia Post. **** the US Postal Service. **** them all to hell.
    Hey Man,

    I live on the east coast...Toronto to be specific. Was wondering if you could share how much it costs you for that test match in Antigua. Always wanted to make a cricket trip to the carribean to watch India or Aus play.
    Lol - meant to be in NYC this week, but there were changes in the retail division of K's company - the global head got sacked, so they didn't put the trip on.

    Hopeful we might get across this year. K has had a couple of health scares over Xmas - the suspected heart problem which came to nothing, then we got back from hols and there was a letter saying the chest x ray she had showed nodules in her lungs. Cue panic, until she had a CT last week which cleared her of any dramas at all. Was something external like marks on the background plate of the x ray. Pretty bad for a couple of days there but ok now.

    So we've decided we will have some decent time to ourselves this year - life's too short. If there's anything work-related for her which takes her to the US, I'll tag along and we will make a holiday of it on the back end. If we're on the east coast it would be great to catch up with you.

    Do you know any libertarian enclaves I can go to and make fun of to piss off the zombies on here?
    Hey mate, not much. Back at work for the year now. Had a week down the south coast which was fun, although it stopped me from getting to the test which is annoying. What's doing with you? Fair to say this'll be a big year for you mate, great times ahead. Am thrilled for you.
    Congrats on the dual great news mate.

    I have a question for you in the science thread. Just posting it up now.
    Heh come on. You know when I call you
    a dickhead that although I do mean it it’s not in malice :D
    Haha, maan, I don't think I can be very helpful on the drinks front because last I permanently stayed in Hyderabad, I was a broke 15-17 year old and through college, whenever I went to Hyderabad, I'd just go to the non-high end bars where I knew everyone and could smoke inside. I doubt you'd be interested in that. My advice regarding restaurants also comes from a middle class college student POV too but I can vouch for quality, haha.

    I work in Delhi/Gurgoan now and come to Hyderabad occasionally to visit the fam. I don't think I'll be there in June but I'll let you know. If I'm there, I can take you to the OG Andhra food places where you get amazing brain fry, liver etc if you're interested.
    Try Rayalaseema Ruchulu in Jubilee Hills for Andhra Food. Order Kaju Kodi (marinated chicken in cashewnuts), Gongura Mamsam (mutton curry), Royyala Iguru (prawn curry). if you go make sure that you ask for reduced spiciness in your food, the spice is just off the charts. The actual best places to eat Andhra food are small roadside messes unfortunately.

    In general if you just want to have a quiet dinner with a bunch of options, drinks, good ambiance and the best indo-chinese food, go to Blue Fox in Banjara Hills. The Marriot buffets through the day are pretty solid 'safe' options too.

    Over the moon is solid as far as bars are concerned. Most bars in Hyderabad are really meh. If you haven't tried it, try drinking some Kingfisher Mega Strong Beer which comes in the red bottle. You usually get it only in the liquour stores and most people either hate it or love it. It's my favourite beer ever.
    Hey man, just saw your VM. You get the best biryani in two places - Bawarchi in RTC X Roads and Shadab. I wouldn't recommend dining in at either place with your wife though, just too crowded. try getting a family pack takeaway of the chicken biryani along with chicken 65 from Bawarchi, pretty great. If you want to eat Biryani at a restaurant, you should try Paradise Restaurant at the original branch in Secundarabad. Its quality has gone down and the biryani there has always been overrated but it's still really good, not too spicy for the western stomach, extremely hygenic. Also try the mutton keema, the kebab platter and the Double ka meetha there. Also you can get breakfast at Paradise if you go at 7-8 am and they have the best Paya and really tender mutton with tandoori rotis. It's their best meal IMO.

    If you're into Dosas, try Chutneys in Banjara Hills/HImayat Nagar. Order the mini idlys and masala dosas there. They have the best accompaniments with food.
    Hey, great city to visit! I'm not in Hyderabad anymore. But still can advise. You would find lot of good places to eat in Hi tech city and Gachhibowli area. Use zomato app for eat out recos. For accommodation, if you are looking at economy option try booking through Oyo. Else you have the standard Marriott, Novotel etc. TripAdvisor should be able to help. Places to see - check out FAlaknuma palace, Golakunda fort, Hussain Sagar lake. Don't know much about drinking. Let me know if you have more questions.
    Never mind. Sent you a message on fb with all the details that I could think of.
    I typed too much and it won't let me VM you. Any other way to get my message across to you?
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