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  • Ahh, looks like he's fixed it now. Sometimes I feel like 'accidentally' doing that too... wink wink nudge nudge ;)
    Haha yeah I saw it before. Had a good laugh about it, but there's nothing anyone but James can do about it, so you'll just have to wait until he sees it. :P
    Haha yeah we should just be annoying and have a two-man conversation about it in the TV show thread. If we're annoying enough people might start watching it just to know what we're on about ;)
    Just watched Episode 2 myself now (way too much cricket this week to keep up with TV properly! :P); really enjoying it. Completely agree with you about the order of the episodes too. I'm a bit surprised/disappointed it doesn't have a bigger fanbase, at least among people I know; I never have anyone to talk to about it! Is there an online community somewhere for it that you could recommend?
    Yeah I thought it was good too, dinner-ruining aside. It reminded me so much of the opening scene of S02E01 of Lost, where we got to see Desmond's daily routine living in that bunker of his, with that Mama Cass song playing. I think a lot of how I feel about it will depend on how it actually does tie in together at the end, but I have positive feelings about it at the moment.
    If you haven't S02E01 of The Leftovers yet, don't make the same mistake I did and decide it might be a good thing to watch while you ate your dinner. That start is brutally unsuited to food.
    I get that Fusion :)

    But J + L = R is just a fan theory. It's not a book thing, and certainly not a spoiler.
    It's ok I chatted with him on Facebook he did actually take it for what it was
    Do you actually think that's a mean post about Walt? I thought it was the obvious joke. By all means happy to delete
    Is it a good idea?

    I'll start spamming and creating troll accounts unless I am banned forever,

    But please, I have not done anything yet...
    I don't want any communication with mods because they don't reply to the email.

    You please deactivate my account instead of closing my threads
    Do you 1) believe Ahmadis are not Muslims in the strict sense but obviously deserve the same rights as anyone else or 2) Ahmadis are Muslims because anyone who accepts that there is no god but Allah is a Muslim or 3) It's not your business to judge but God's business in the afterlife?

    It was tragic reading about Abdus Salam and is sad to note the distrust about the community even today, if the internet is anything to go by. I apologize if the question was intense and personal btw, I'm a bit of a geek about interpretations in general and thought I'd get a Pakistani Muslim's view on this.
    Hey Fusion, have been obsessively reading up about Pakistan for the last few days and thought I'd rather VM you this so as to not accidentally rile someone up.

    "The reason Ahmadis are considered non-Muslims by others is primarily due the doctrine of Khatam-an-nabiyeen, or the seal of prophethood. The Qur'an mentions in 33:40 that Muhammad is the khatam of the prophets. Orthodox Muslims take this to mean that no prophet will come after Muhammad. Ahmadis point out that all Muslims believe in the return of Jesus, so it cannot mean no prophet will come after Muhammad in an absolute sense. They say the word khatam allows for the interpretation that Muhammad's prophethood is the last "law-bearing" prophethood; in other words, prophets coming after him would have to be subordinate to him and teach in his way."

    Quoted from a blog. Thoughts on that? Contd.
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