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  • sorry mod.....my bad.......got carried away with it........will be more careful in the future.
    Now, as I say, I have reported these posts (I couldn't name the exact ones as it was a couple of weeks ago) but the abuse between these members (I'm sure you can work out who, and it's nothing against the posters in question) has continued, with only a comment from Vic_Orthdox noting that sledging posts should be in the "These staff members aren't moderators, but surely it's incumbent on the moderators and James to get the staff members singing from the same hymn sheet, as currently things reek of hypocrisy.

    It's not something I'm going to disappear about (it's hardly the crime of the century), but it frustrated me all through the Ashes to go through match threads to see them littered with "WAC", "GAGF", "troll" etc and then a throwaway line I made towards Morgie which (I hope) he would have found funny (although if it was him who reported the post, I take that back) is deleted.
    I've been at a stag do/wedding over the last few days so it was probably made with some form of inebriation/hangover.

    That said, from reading Morgie's comment that's still in the thread, I can guess at what I wrote. However, I am concerned if a comment like that is deleted while comments between staff members which - to the uninitiated - would look like out and out abuse (namely comments in the Ashes forum between certain Aussie and English posters) seemingly go unhindered. I have reported several of these posts, as I feel it's a terrible look for CW to have that kind of abuse (non-intended or otherwise) on threads which potential members might see while lurking, and decide against actually signing up. Under The Lid" thread.
    I assume it's been deleted, as it's not in the thread now when I went to look at it. To be honest, I can't even remember what the post was - can you remind me?
    okay thanks fusion. i will try to post more responsibly in the future. also posts like that are not good for my rep since i will probably be a mod next time they get new ones
    i am extremely sorry fusion, i lost my temper. i know this is a family forum and that sort of posting is inappropriate. hence, i will be taking a self imposed 1 week ban after the current nz series is finished.
    Hi Fusion,

    I haven't actually spoken to him off the forum in a little while though I do speak to him on messenger occasionally (just try and avoid controversial cricket topics haha!). However, he has posted in the staff forum on the odd occasion lately, to contribute towards Ask the Spider and just check in. He started University last September, so that is why his activity has dropped for the past year but tbh the last few months, I'm not exactly sure. He has basically just commented when he's popped in there that he's been really busy. I do remember sledger saying he had spoken to him via txt and that Rich had been laid low for a little while with glandular fever which he seems to get a lot.
    I kinda get the impression that he would have time to pop onto CW for an hour here or there on a regular basis but that he can't really do that with CW - we all know what he's like when he gets going! So he just figures best to avoid it altogether unless he has time.
    Hi mate, was wondering if you might be able to provide me an email address for me to contact you on, re some CW stuff
    Check out willow.tv dude, they have a new deal to watch all their events online for $15 a month! Includes highlight packages and full replays. You can even explore their archives for this year and the last. I just signed up and the quality is pretty decent, almost SD.
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