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Cricket World Cup 2019: Who will be The Winner?


The ICC cricket world cup that started on May 30 will be officially ending in July 14th 2019, and this will mark the end of the 12th edition of the competition since its inauguration way back in 1975. The 2019 tournament is being hosted by England and it is now clear that England and New Zealand will be the two teams that will be battling it out in the finals. England are 3 time finalist and New Zealand played their first final in 2015. Both are yet to lift the trophy. The question lingering on most people’s lips is – who is it going to be? Is it going to be England or New Zealand? One thing is for sure, that we will have a new Cricket World Champion after 23 years (Sri Lanka became champions in 1996).

This match is scheduled to be played on the 14th of July 2019. It is going to be the 12th edition of the ICC world cup final, one that has witnessed the culmination of 45 group stage matches and 2 semi-finals that have been played over a period of 7 weeks.

Since the change of the format of the tournament in 2015, all the ten teams that have been participating at the tournament have since had to face each other and for this reason, there isn’t any escape for anyone! This has really helped to add to the excitement and drama that characterize the Cricket World Cup. Indeed the 2019 cricket tourney heralded the most unpredictable tournament, as there were several evenly matched teams that participated.

What are the latest odds of the winner?

For punters who love to place their bets on a big tournament such as the Cricket World Cup 2019, taking an interest on a top contending team like England is just great. Going by their good run at the tournament so far, England stand a big chance to beat New Zealand to lift the cup. A look at the odds offered by the various online bookmakers also shows that England is more likely to win the match (England – 1/3 New Zealand – 13/5). You can perform an online search for the full list of the latest free bet offers of the big match to find out more. Betfair and Paddy Power both offers 3/10 on England win and 5/2 on New Zealand win where as BetHard suggest 5/18 for England win. Bet365 has 1.30 odds for England and 3.75 for New Zealand.

So who will be the possible Cricket World Cup 2019 winner?

England is going into the match with their heads held up and also as favorites to win the cup for obvious reasons. It is the fourth time they are in the final while New Zealand is in the finals for the second time. England managed to beat New Zealand in the group stages quite easily and it is very much possible for them to beat them again in the final. We are also talking about a team that is playing with the home ground advantage, a feat they seem to really taking advantage of, going by their impressive run so far.

Even though England are perceived as the potential and likely winners of the much anticipated final coming on the Sunday 14th July, there is a possibility that New Zealand could still pull a surprise package for the host team. In these games you never know for sure who the actual winner will be until it is over and done! And England has tendency to choke in Finals (3 World Cup finals, 2 ICC Champions Trophy finals, 1 World T20 final). However, going by keen match analysis so far since the start of the seven week long tournament that brought together a total of ten teams, England has shown an exceptional performance that has earned them the title of ‘favorites’ to win.

Currently England is currently No. 1 ODI team. Since their early exit in 2015 edition, they have adapted a more aggressive style of playing under the leadership of Coach Trevor Bayliss and stewardship of Captain Eoin Morgan. These impressive statistics give them an upper hand as they head into Sunday’s game.

So where exactly is the venue of the final game?

The game is scheduled to begin at 10.30 am British Summer Time at home the cricket, Lord’s in London. This is the same venue that the inaugural Cricket World Cup of 1975 was held. It’s also the same place that hosted the world cup finals of 1979, 1983 and 1999. We hope for an exciting match and may the best team wins!

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