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The Most Decorated Cricket Clubs

Cricket is a popular sport globally, especially in Asian and European nations. It usually holds several high-profile tournaments annually, attracting millions of viewers. The sport’s roots can be traced to the 16th century in England, from whence it has grown into a global sport. Additionally, the International Cricket Council plays an active role in organizing national and international matches.

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Like in any other sport, some cricket clubs have performed better than their competitors. This post looks at the most decorated cricket teams in the world.   


The England cricket team represents Wales and England in international cricket. Furthermore, the team has featured in the Cricket World Cup four times, winning the 2019 edition. The team also finished runners-up in the 2004 and 2013 ICC Champions Trophies.

England was recently ranked at first place in ICC rankings. The team has won 352 of the 666 ODI matches it has played. Additionally, it was ranked sixth for T-twenty games and fifth for its performances in test matches.

New Zealand

The New Zealand national cricket team is nicknamed the Black Caps. They played their first test in 1930 but had to wait 26 years to register their first Test win. The team has played in 12 World Cup competitions. They had never won the tournament, with their best finish coming in 2015 and 2019, when they finished as runners-up.

As of August 2022, New Zealand has played 1412 international matches, won 559, drew 168, and lost 627. Their performances have seen them rank 5th in Tests, 1st in ODIs, and 5th in T20Is. The Black Caps have participated in 28 men’s events by ICC.


The India men’s national cricket team, popularly known as Team India or Men in Blue, is also among the top cricket teams globally. It represents India in men’s international cricket.

Men in Blue have won five major ICC tournaments, including the Cricket World Cup twice (1983 and 2011), the ICC Champions Trophy twice (2002 and 2013), and the ICC T20 World Cup once (2007). They have also finished as runners-up on several occasions. Furthermore, the team has clinched the Asia Cup seven times. India is ranked second in Tests, first in T20Is, and third in ODIs by the ICC.

South Africa

The South Africa national cricket team is popularly known as the Proteas. South Africa is a full ICC member and was at some point regarded as the best in the world before the ICC imposed an international ban on the Proteas. The ICC lifted the ban in 1991, and the team has been strong since then.

It has held the first position in international rankings severally and is also one of the most successful teams in ODI cricket, having won over 60% of its matches. The 1998 Champions Trophy is the team’s only success in ICC-organized tournaments. It currently sits 5th in ODIs, 3rd in Tests, and 4th in T20Is.


Australia is regarded as the most successful Test team in the history of cricket in terms of overall wins, win percentage, and win-loss ratio. The Australia men’s national cricket team is the joint oldest team in the history of Test Cricket, having played the first ever Test match in 1877.

They have participated in 844 Test matches, won 400, drew 215, and lost 227. As of May 2022, Australia was ranked top in the ICC Test Championship with 128 rating points. On the other hand, it is ranked third in the ICC ODI Championship, although it remains the most successful team in the history of ODI cricket.

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