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Can India win the T20 World Cup without Jasprit Bumrah?


These days, India are always among the strong favourites to win any white-ball tournament given that they have the best bowler in the world when it comes to shorter formats. Indeed, Jasprit Bumrah is a generational talent who can pin down the most explosive batting attacks in the world owing to his unprecedented variation with ball in hand.


New Cricket Stars to Watch For


icket events, such as the T20 World Cup, among other events, to showcase their talent to the world. There are many new cricket stars to watch out for. Some are in the early stages of their career, while others have not even made their international debuts yet.


Asia Cup 2022 Schedule Announced


d is focused on the ICC T20 World Cup, the Asia Cup cannot be ignored. It is a crucial tournament that helps teams to solidify their squads. The Asia Cup 2022 cricket competition will feature six Asian teams. The tournament will kick off on August 27, with the final scheduled for September 11.


Best cricket commentators


There is no doubt that cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, and when it comes to commentary, there are few who can match the skills of the best cricket commentators.